Use of Stem Cells New to Plastic Surgery

Stem cells are cells found in the human body that are able to develop into other cell types and infinitely replenish themselves. Due to their versatility and ability to regenerate, stem cells are being used in the medical world to develop new treatments for difficult diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, and even HIV. Since it is so widely used in medicine, it is generally assumed that using stem cells in cosmetic procedures would offer the same benefits. However, not nearly enough research has been done on stem cells in plastic surgery to determine whether or not stem cells should be used in cosmetic procedures.

Stem Cell Research is Too New to Determine Safety

One of the ways that stem cells are used in cosmetic surgery is the stem cell facelift procedure. This occurs when fat is removed from a person's stomach or thighs using liposuction and injected into the face. A traditional facelift involves a plastic surgeon cutting and lifting the sagging of skin, while a stem cell facelift often does not involve surgery. However, while stem cells are found in the fat that was removed from a person's body, there is no evidence that prove the results of the stem cell facelift are due to these cells. More likely, the fuller results are due to fat grafting in the face.

There is research and studies taking place every day to determine whether or not the same benefits that stem cells are showing in medical procedures can be found in cosmetic procedures too. One study is using stem cells on wounded soldiers with facial deformities. This will help doctors determine the benefits of using stem cells in plastic surgery.

Any treatment claiming to be a stem cell procedure should be approached with caution. Until surgeons have definitive proof from medical studies that stem cells are beneficial to plastic surgery, ensuring a patient's safety is the foremost priority.

If a person is interested in a stem cell treatment, consult a board certified plastic surgeon that can help explain the latest research before undergoing any procedure!

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