ISAPS Report Shows Increase in Cosmetic Surgery Numbers

Highlights of the ISAPS Report

The numbers are in! The International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) has released statistics on worldwide surgical and non-surgical cosmetic surgery procedures for 2013.

According to the annual report:

  • Over 23 million cosmetic surgery procedures were performed worldwide
  • Botox and related forms of botulinum toxin are the most popular procedures
  • Fillers and laser hair removal are the second most frequent nonsurgical procedures
  • Breast augmentation and liposuction are the most frequently performed surgical procedures
  • The United States has the highest combined number of surgical and nonsurgical procedures
  • Women underwent 87.2% of total cosmetic procedures

Increase in Cosmetic Surgery Numbers

The United States claims 4 million of all procedures performed, followed by Brazil, Mexico, Germany, and Spain. Patients in the United States spent over $12 billion on plastic surgery in 2013.

Some of the reasons for the global increase in plastic surgery is due to technological advances that have made more procedures less invasive and more accessible. Further, men are beginning to participate in plastic surgery trends, undergoing Botox and wrinkle filler injections and surgeries such as rhinoplasties, breast reductions, and liposuction in record numbers. In the United States alone, 1 million men had cosmetic surgery last year.

With the increase in both women and men undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures and the rise of minimally invasive procedures, the number of individuals willing to invest in their appearance seems destined to rise. At West Coast Plastic Surgery Center Dr. Gorodisky is here for your cosmetic procedure needs. Call our offices for a consultation today!