Recent News Highlights Why Board-Certified Is Best

Going to see a board-certified plastic surgeon is more important now than ever. With cosmetic surgery procedures on the rise, it is more and more likely that those seeking to save money on procedures may be going to "surgeons" who do not have adequate training.

Houston Woman Had Trouble with her Breast Implants

A Texas woman went to a surgeon for a breast augmentation. After a few years, the implants did not feel right, and at a check-up visit with the same surgeon, she was told that the outer layer of the implants had ruptured, but it was not a big deal and there was no action that could be taken. Her implants continued to harden.

When she underwent a revision surgery by another surgeon, it was discovered that her implants were likely imported from a foreign country. Further, one of her implants likely had been ruptured for years, while the other implant appeared to have a black, oily tar inside.

Signs You May Have a Problem with your Implants

Warning signs that you need your breast implants to be evaluated by a plastic surgeon:

  • Discomfort in the breasts
  • Hardening of the breasts
  • Breasts that are more rounder and higher than before
  • Painful to touch
  • Limited arm movement

Before undergoing any plastic surgery procedure there are a few steps you can take to avoid unnecessary complications down the road.

  • Go to a board-certified plastic surgeon
  • Check the surgeon's record
  • Ask to see photos of the surgeon's work
  • Verify the type of implants that are being placed
  • Ensure all products have the manufacturer name and serial number
  • Keep your recommended follow-up appointments after the procedure

For any questions about a plastic surgery procedure you may have previously undergone, contact West Coast Plastic Surgery Center for a consultation with Dr. Gorodisky right away.

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