Rocking the Bikini Top After Baby

Childbearing brings joy, sleepless nights, and it turns your world upside-down. Of course, most women wouldn't trade their chaotic new life for anything, but ask any mom, and she wouldn't mind having her pre-baby body back.

When a woman has one child, the changes may be subtle, but once she's given birth to two, three, or even four children, the changes have gone from subtle to visibly obvious, and one of the most daunting of all changes is the arrival of the "mom boobs."

"Mom boobs" are the byproduct of pregnancy, childbirth, hormonal changes, and weight loss and in some women, breastfeeding. After a baby or three, many women don't love slipping their deflated breasts back into a bikini when they hit the beach or lie out by the pool.

Most women experience breast enlargement during pregnancy and breastfeeding. While it may be a welcome change at the time, after pregnancy women lose breast volume, and their breasts tend to reduce in size and their skin becomes looser.

Restoring Your Breasts After Baby

While there aren't any diets, exercises, or non-surgical ways to effectively combat saggy post-baby breast tissue, there are surgical procedures that can restore a mother's breasts so they look and feel more youthful.

We believe that the beauty of the breasts is not only personal, but it is very subjective and varies between patients. A woman's breasts can be attractive when they are small, medium or large. When a woman's breasts are saggy and drooping after having children, implants can create a more rounded and aesthetically pleasing shape. The popular options for restoring volume loss include saline, silicone or gel implants, and there is also fat grafting.

When it comes to options, the biggest determining factor is the woman herself. We take a look at the number of pregnancies she's had, if she's breastfed and if so, for how long. Other factors such as lifestyle, weight fluctuations, and genetics are variables that affect the severity of sagging breasts.

Most of our patients have lost breast tissue and want to restore the size and firmness they had before kids, therefore, implants are an ideal choice. In some cases, the skin is so loose that we perform a breast lift or skin tightening along with a breast augmentation.

The good news is that if your breasts have changed significantly after having children, there are treatment options available that can restore their youthful appearance, if not make them look and feel better than they ever have before. If you want to look great in a bikini after baby, it's entirely possible.

If you're interested in beginning your journey, contact our office to schedule a consultation with our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Yuly Gorodisky!

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