Can a Mommy Makeover Get My Pre-Baby Body Back?

If you're a mom, you've probably heard all the buzz about the "mommy makeover." Patients visit our office frequently requesting a mommy makeover, even when they're not quite sure what it entails!

We thought it would be a good idea to explain why this term has spread through moms groups, PTAs, Pilates classes, salons and spas like wildfire.

A candidate for a mommy makeover is any woman who has had children, whether she's had one child or five. Most women are affected by childbearing, though there are a few lucky women who manage to have children without experiencing any major changes.

For the rest of the moms out there, childbearing can cause subtle, if not devastating changes. A mommy makeover refers to any set of surgical procedures aimed at correcting or reversing the effects of childbearing and breastfeeding, with the goal of getting the woman's "pre-baby" body back.

Since every woman is affected by pregnancy differently, there is no such thing as a "cookie cutter" approach to a mommy makeover. Each procedure is customized to fit the woman's individual needs.

Childbearing Mostly Affects the Breasts & Abdomen

Childbearing affects the breasts and abdomen more than any other parts of the body, so the mommy makeover targets those areas. The treatment plan depends on how much these areas were affected by motherhood.

Most patients respond well to an abdominoplasty, which removes excess skin, stretched-out skin, and abdominal fat. To touch on the procedure: We tighten the abdominal wall musculature. However, if a woman's skin was significantly stretched out during pregnancy, for instance, if she gave birth to twins, then we may need to remove excess skin as well.

If you breastfed and you lost breast volume after you stopped, a breast augmentation can restore the youthful volume and restore aesthetically pleasing breasts. If your breasts grew significantly during pregnancy and are now saggy, but have ample volume for your frame, a breast lift may be the best solution.

Some women opt for a breast reduction after pregnancy, especially when they feel that their breasts are too large or cause back or shoulder problems.

While the above operations are relatively simple, when they are combined, the results can be dramatic and even jaw dropping. Afterwards, patients can walk into a Victoria's Secret or La Perla with confidence, and it's a great feeling.

The Best Time to Get a Mommy Makeover

The best time to get a mommy makeover is definitely after you're done having children. If you still have young toddlers running around, you'll need someone like a committed husband, grandmother, or sister to take care of them for 2 to 3 weeks after the procedure.

If you work full-time, you'll need to take a full 2 weeks off work, then you can return to working behind a desk, but you'll want to refrain from physically demanding work.

While most moms benefit from a mommy makeover, those who see the most dramatic results are moms who had a good body before pregnancy, gained a lot of weight during pregnancy, but managed to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight after they had the baby.

These moms have the loosest skin and benefit the most by having things "tightened" up.

Learn more about the exciting "mommy makeover" by contacting our officeto meet with Westlake Village & Oxnard Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Yuly Gorodisky!

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