Be Wary About Traveling Overseas For Procedures

With cosmetic procedures becoming a common trend for personal improvement worldwide, it is no wonder that some Americans may choose to travel to other countries for desired surgeries. With countries like Brazil, South Korea, and Germany leading the way for plastic surgery procedures, American consumers may be allured by the more affordable cost of operations in these places. While this may seem like a win for Americans seeking to travel abroad for their cosmetic procedure, there are some serious considerations a person should take before buying a plane ticket.

Considerations Before Traveling Overseas For Surgery

The most important thing to remember about cosmetic surgery is that it is still a surgery. The same amount of research, thought, and consideration that would go into any surgery should be equally utilized in choosing a plastic surgeon. This means understanding the difference between a board-certified plastic surgeon and a regular doctor that has taken some plastic surgery classes. The regulations and rules that dictate who can safely perform a surgical procedure in another country are usually not as strict as those found in the United States.

When thinking about traveling for a procedure, be sure to consider:

  • How comfortable it would be to receive an operation from a surgeon you have never met ahead of time or facility you have never visited.
  • The risks associated with traveling after the procedure and potential risks for clotting on a plane.
  • Trainings and certifications held by the doctors that will be performing the procedure.
  • Steps that will be taken in the event that complications arise during the surgery, including close modern hospitals and care facilities.
  • Ability for the doctor and their staff to speak fluent English and understand any potential concerns or questions you have.
  • Insurance held by the surgeon and the local laws concerning medical malpractice.
  • The post-operative care that will be provided after the surgery and who will provide it.

There are many additional concerns faced by those that travel overseas for their cosmetic surgeries. When staying in America for a surgery, you can be sure that you will receive the treatment you deserve when you schedule your procedure with a board-certified plastic surgeon and that there are securities in place to protect you in all emergency situations.

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