Is Local Anesthesia Really Your Best Option?

When someone must undergo a surgical procedure, anesthesia is often used to limit pain in a specific area. There are three ways that anesthesia is administered. Local anesthesia blocks the pain to a small and specific area of the body, sedation may be administered to improve comfort and eliminate anxiety associated with having a procedure, and general anesthesia makes someone completely unconscious during an operation. In many cosmetic surgery procedures, patients are requesting the use of local anesthesia over general anesthesia, citing serious safety concerns.

Why should I be wary of local anesthesia in cosmetic surgery?

While cosmetic surgery may not seem as serious other procedures, it is indeed a surgery. It requires medical considerations that any surgery would entail, including what is the best form of anesthesia to use during the procedure.

General anesthesia should be used when:

  • The operation will take a long time
  • Large areas are being treated
  • Breathing is affected
  • Muscles need to be lifted or tightened

In addition, general anesthesia is generally safe, even for the most sensitive patients. While side effects from anesthesia do exist, they are generally mild and temporary. Experiencing serious side effects is most often linked to the patient's general health.

In many instances, doctors that are not board-certified in plastic surgery commonly offer only local anesthesia for major procedures. While these doctors offer procedures only using local anesthesia, this may mean that the patient is not receiving the best possible option for their personal needs. By not being offered those options, patients may have a suboptimal outcome.

When choosing a plastic surgeon, a patient should check to make sure that they are board-certified in their field and they operate on patients in an accredited operating room, and they are experienced in aesthetic procedures.

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