Can Breast Augmentation Surgery Boost Self Confidence?

A woman's breasts may be their absolute firmest in her early to mid-twenties, but when a woman experiences changes due to weight gain, weight loss, or pregnancy and breast feeding, her breasts can undergo a significant transformation. They can lose their fullness, and gravity can take over.

If your breasts are naturally small, or if they have lost their youthful firmness due to weight loss or pregnancy, you may be like millions of women – unhappy with the way that your breasts look, feel, and move.

Would you like your breasts to look full in bathing suit tops and blouses? Does the notion of throwing out your uncomfortably padded bras sound divine?

If you're ready to look and feel your best in bathing suits, lingerie, and form-fitting dresses and blouses, and even in the bare, you may benefit from a breast augmentation surgery, but you probably already knew that.

Results Go Beyond Cosmetic

We all know that breast augmentation surgery can increase fullness, restore your breasts' youthful appearance, and balance your figure, but beyond that, breast augmentation surgery can greatly enhance self-image and self-confidence.

Whether you're single, married, or looking to compete in a tough market for a job, we can't ignore the fact that today's society is drawn to beauty and aesthetics, and looking your best will affect many aspects of your personal and professional life.

When one feels good about their appearance, their self-confidence shines and others, whether they are partners, co-workers, friends or family, will take notice.

Types of Breast Implants

There are different types of breast implants, including:

  • Saline: These are filled with sterile salt water.
  • Silicone: Filled with a silicone gel that feels more like breast tissue.
  • Gummy bear or form-stable: These are made of a thicker silicone gel that is thicker than traditional silicone implants.
  • Round: The round breast implants make breasts appear fuller than shaped or anatomic implants. Since they have the same shape all over, they are less likely to rotate out of place.
  • Smooth: Smooth implants have the softest feel, and they can move more naturally.
  • Textured: With these implants, scar tissue sticks to the implant, reducing the likelihood of moving around and being repositioned.

Since implant manufacturers periodically introduce new shapes and styles, you may have additional options available.

It's important to note that breast augmentation surgery alone cannot correct severely drooping breasts. If you are experiencing significant sagging and you want your breasts to look fuller, we many need to undergo a breast lift in conjunction with a breast augmentation surgery.

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