Considering a Breast Lift?

Let's face it, every woman reaches a point where her breasts are no longer as perky as they were in her early 20s. Whether it's because of aging, having kids, or weight fluctuations, it happens to all women eventually. What if you're unhappy with your breasts, but you know that implants aren't right for you?

If you don't necessarily need more volume, a breast lift (mastopexy) may be the procedure that you've been looking for. So, should you go out and get a breast lift today, or wait until you're done having kids? Are there any reasons why you should not get this procedure done?

Here's what our Board Certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Yuly Gorodisky has to say about getting a breast lift.

1. Why do women get breast lifts?

Breast lifts are performed specifically to "lift" sagging breasts. Unlike breast reduction surgery, little to no breast tissue is actually removed, only skin. A breast lift is an aesthetic procedure which enhances the shape and appearance of the breasts.

2. What are breast reductions?

The purpose of breast reduction surgery is to decrease the amount of breast tissue. Women generally get breast reductions to treat the symptoms of having heavy breasts, such as back and neck pain.

3. How is the breast lift procedure performed?

Under general anesthesia, sagging skin is removed and the breast tissue is reshaped for the purpose of restoring an aesthetically pleasing breast shape, and to elevate the drooping nipple to a higher position.

4. How long is the recovery period?

Typically, the patient resumes their routine daily activities within one week of the surgery, and they may resume sports within a month. During the recovery period, patients wear a supportive bra for 2 to 4 weeks. What about the pain? Since only superficial tissues are involved, not muscle or bone, there is less pain and it subsides quickly.

5. Should I wait until after I finish having children?

Since breasts naturally fluctuate (grow and then decrease in size) during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is best to have a breast lift after you are finished having children. We often perform breast lifts as a part of a "mommy makeover." Unlike a breast lift, a breast reduction may be performed earlier in a woman's life if the breasts are too large for her to be comfortable and they interfere with her everyday activities.

6. Who should not get a breast lift?

For one, patients with systemic diseases, which put them at risk under general anesthesia, are not good candidates, nor are patients who are very overweight or have problems with wound healing. Also, patients who have had a lumpectomy and radiation, or a previous breast reduction surgery should be very cautious and discuss their risks with their surgeon.

7. Who are the best candidates for a breast lift?

Healthy women who have sagging breasts without excess breast tissue are the best candidates for a breast lift procedure.

8. Will I need a revision surgery in 10 or 20 years?

The results depend on the quality of the patient's skin, however, most patients have one breast lift in their lifetime. The results also depend on when you had your first breast lift, your lifestyle, and degree of weight fluctuation since the surgery.

If you desire to improve the appearance of your breasts but don't feel as if a breast augmentation is right for you, a breast lift is a fantastic way to change the shape of your breasts without implants. With only a week recovery period, you can have beautifully transformed breasts in no time at all.

To learn more about breast lift surgery, contact us to meet with our Westlake Village and Oxnard Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Yuly Gorodisky!

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