Advantages of a Brow Lift

You are probably aware that forehead wrinkles usually mean one thing – they make us look older. When our forehead is smooth and wrinkle-free, in turn we look younger, refreshed, and as if we turned back the clock by 10 years. But once you reach a certain age, no matter how many chemical peels you get, or how many laser treatments, or how much you spend on the best creams, you can’t get rid of the wrinkles.

If you have developed deep creases across your forehead and they’re making you look tired and older than you feel, you may want to consider a brow lift, a procedure which tightens the soft tissues in the forehead, which reverses the effects of gravity. The results: Your forehead, upper eyelids, and eyebrows have a more youthful contour.

Reasons to consider a brow lift:

  • You have deep creases across your forehead.
  • You have developed frown lines between your eyebrows.
  • Over the years, you’ve developed excess skin or fatty tissue which drapes over your eyes.
  • Your eyebrow position is low or sagging and it makes you look sad or grumpy.

If you are deciding between Botox injections, blepharoplasty, a brow lift, or a facelift, you should discuss your options with our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Yuly Gorodisky, who can go over the pros and cons of each procedure, including the brow lift.

The brow lift is an excellent procedure for both men and women who are looking to eliminate the deep creases in their forehead and address excess or fatty skin that hangs over their eyes. If you’re looking into this option, this procedure can yield very satisfying outcomes when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Are you ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about a brow lift, and other procedures, such as blepharoplasty – two popular procedures that deliver amazing results.

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