Why More Men Are Turning to Plastic Surgeons

Body image issues have long been associated with women, but men have them too. Traditionally, it’s women who have been turning to surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures to improve their aesthetic appearance and improve self-esteem, but statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgery prove that more (and more) men are turning to plastic surgeons to enhance their appearance as well, and who can blame them?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2017, more than 1.3 million procedures were performed on men. Clearly, the stigma is gone and more men are taking advantage of what cosmetic surgery has to offer them.

At West Coast Plastic Surgery Center, we’ve seen the change in the trend among men. Each year, more men come to our office to have an honest discussion about their insecurities. When we explain the vast array of procedures available to help them achieve their goals, they get excited the same way their girlfriends and wives do. For a lot of our male patients, just having a single procedure on an area of their body that they’re unhappy about can mean a huge confidence boost.

Popular Procedures Among Men

We are seeing a lot of men who are interested in contouring procedures (think liposuction and tummy tucks), gynecomastia surgery (male breast reduction), and Botox. Some of the common reasons why men are turning to cosmetic surgery, include:

  • They want to eliminate stubborn body fat that won’t respond to diet and exercise (body contouring procedures).
  • They have lost a significant amount of weight and want to eliminate loose, hanging skin.
  • They want to gain a competitive edge in the workforce.
  • They are in shape and want to look as young on the outside as they feel on the inside.
  • They have a particular area that’s bothering them and they want to find a solution.
  • They want to feel good shirtless on the beach.
  • They want to feel good in the gym.
  • They want to attract a younger partner.
  • They want to look their personal best.

While young men are often interested in body contouring procedures, older men tend to lean toward minimally-invasive procedures that take years off their faces. “Nearly 100,000 men had filler injections in 2017, up 99 percent since 2000,” according to plasticsurgery.org.

Some doctors and patients like to call it the “executive edge” because it helps mature men compete in the workplace, but we can’t ignore the fact that we all like to look as young as we feel. Cosmetic surgery has truly opened a whole new world to men and we can’t fault them for taking advantage of it.

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If you’re a man who’s considering your cosmetic surgery options, the best way to ensure your safety and comfort is to work with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Yuly Gorodisky. To schedule a consultation, contact our office today.

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