Breast Augmentation for Fitness Models

If you are a professional fitness model, or if you at least look like one, you’re probably extremely aware of the fact that when your body fat levels drop down below 15%, your breasts can shrink to a B or even an A cup. In fact, this reduction in breast cup size can happen well before you reach a low body fat level. It can happen when your body fat is in the 20% range.

Today, a large percentage of fitness models elect to have a breast augmentation – it’s almost become a standard in the industry, but you already knew that. As we mentioned above, fitness models tend to have a very low body fat percentage. Because of this, most fitness models are a size 2 to 4, and their breasts will shrink with all the exercise.

Active Lifestyles Lead to Breast Reduction

The typical fitness model is a size 2 to 4 and has a very active lifestyle. She usually works out six or seven days a week. Not only does she limit her calories and eat clean, she’s far more active than the average female. As a natural result, her breasts will shrink to an A or B cup and this can lead to insecurities.

To improve her appearance and overall symmetry, she may purchase padded bras, silicone bra inserts – anything she can find to “add volume” to her small chest. But when the $64.50 Victoria’s Secret Bombshell bra comes off, she can feel like she’s been false advertising. Of course, given the choice she’s prefer to keep her tiny, fit frame over gaining weight so she can get a bigger chest. The next best option? A breast augmentation.

Achieving ‘Natural-Looking’ Breasts

Typically, fitness models want natural-looking breasts, and since they have a very active lifestyle, their breasts can’t get in the way of their workout routine. After an augmentation, they want to be comfortable in a sports bra and they want to look good in a form-fitting dress. They also want their breasts to look and feel natural.

What athletic women need to know about breast augmentation:

  • Many fitness models opt for a full C or a D cup.
  • Silicone is typically the material of choice because it feels natural and is less likely to ripple.
  • The surgery itself takes about one hour.
  • Patients can often resume a moderate lower body workout after a couple of weeks.
  • In regards to resuming an upper body workout, it must be gauged by the implants’ healing and settling.
  • Since athletes have to limit their physical activity after surgery, they can minimize the effects of the downtime by eating clean.

If you are a fitness model or an athlete who is interested in a breast augmentation, contact our office to meet with Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Yuly Gorodisky.

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