Breast Lift After Breastfeeding

Just about every mother will notice significant changes in her breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, a woman need not breastfeed for her breasts to undergo noticeable changes after pregnancy and childbirth. This is because the hormonal changes experienced during pregnancy typically cause a woman’s breasts to increase two or even three cup sizes before the baby is born and when the milk comes in, this causes the breasts to engorge even further, stretching the skin significantly.

If a mother chooses to breastfeed, her breasts will be subjected to further stresses due to milk production and a nursing infant, which can cause the nipples to double or even triple in size. While the ability to breastfeed and nourish one’s child with immune-boosting breast milk is highly satisfying to mother and child, in the aftermath, the mother’s breasts no longer resemble the firm, perky breasts they were before pregnancy. Usually, this result naturally causes the mother to wish she had her old breasts back.

Should You Consider a Breast Lift?

Suppose you breastfed your children and now you’re thinking, “I’m done having kids. I really want to have perky breasts again! But...I’m not sure what procedure is right for me.” If you’re not sure what type of breast enhancement procedure is right for you, you should schedule a consultation with Dr. Gorodisky, a board certified plastic surgeon.

If you have sagging breasts, a breast lift can create perkier, firmer, more aesthetically pleasing breasts, much like the ones you had before kids. This can restore your breasts’ youthful, feminine shape, but it can also make you look and feel better in tube tops, bras, lingerie, and swimsuits.

How does a breast lift work? The procedure involves removing your stretched out, excess skin, raising the nipple and areola, and reshaping your breast tissue so it creates a youthful, firmer appearance. “What if my areolae are large?” In that case, they can be reduced during the surgery, creating the more balanced, aesthetically pleasing look you desire.

Breast Lifts Are Not Just for Moms

Breast lifts are not just for moms – just about anyone can get a breast lift if they have sagging breasts. Women commonly choose breast lift surgery to restore their youthful shape after pregnancy, breastfeeding and significant weight loss. However, some breast lift patients have always had sagging breasts. Therefore, they opt for this procedure so they can enjoy perky breasts for the first time in their lives. Breast lift surgery can help women of all ages achieve the firm, perky breasts they’ve always dreamed of.

In some situations, a breast lift alone cannot allow a patient to achieve her desired results. If a patient’s breasts are deflated because of pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss, she may choose to have a breast lift combined with a breast augmentation to create the voluminous effect she is looking for.

Considering a breast lift? Contact our office to schedule a one-on-one consultation with our Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Yuly Gorodisky.

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