Fight Cellulite with VelaShape

Oh cellulite, it’s that lumpy, cottage cheese-like dimpled flesh that develops around the thighs, buttocks and abdomen in teenage girls and women. Some people say its texture resembles an orange peel. While it’s not a serious medical condition, it tends to bother most women and almost all of them have it to some degree, even if they are “skinny” by society’s standards.

But what causes cellulite? Is it genetics, a poor diet, or a lack of exercise? According to the Mayo Clinic, “Little is known about what causes cellulite. It involves fibrous connective cords that tether the skin to the underlying muscle, with the fat lying between. As fat cells accumulate, they push up against the skin, while the long, tough cords pull down. This creates an uneven surface or dimpling.”

Creams Not Working?

You might have tried the standard treatments like expensive cellulite creams or massages, only for your cellulite to look the same, but you don’t have to lose hope because there’s a non-surgical procedure that’s so effective, even Victoria’s Secret supermodels are getting it and it’s called VelaShape.

Victoria’s Secret supermodels? That’s right, they’re only human and they too have to exercise, watch what they eat and do whatever they can to look amazing when they strut their stuff down the runway. Not only are supermodels turning to breast augmentation, Botox, Juvederm, and Vaser lipo, but they’re using VelaShape to shrink fat and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

VelaShape: A Body Contouring Procedure VelaShape is a non-surgical body contouring procedure that uses infrared light and radio frequency to shrink fat cells and reduce the appearance of cellulite. The most commonly treated areas include the stomach, buttocks, as well as the back of the thighs. Generally, the best results are achieved in four or six sessions.

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To learn more about VelaShape for the treatment of cellulite, contact our office to meet with

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