Plastic Surgery for, Ahem, ‘Lady Parts’

Thanks to advances in cosmetic surgery, there are procedures for just about any body part that a patient finds dissatisfying. From double chins to chubby thighs to ears that stick out to flabby arms to everything in between, there’s probably a cosmetic procedure for it. And parts that are located “down there” are no exception.

While female patients (and now males too) may talk openly about their concerns about the shape, appearance, and size of their breasts, they are now getting more comfortable talking about another area that they are unhappy with – their “mons.” The mons is the upper part of a woman’s vulva.

If a woman’s mons has excess skin and fat, it can bulge, causing a woman to feel embarrassed to wear leggings or a bathing suit in public, or even underwear in private in front of a partner. The solution? An exciting procedure called monsplasty.

What is Monsplasty?

Monsplasty is a procedure that reduces the amount of fatty tissue and/or skin located in the mons, but the surgical method used depends on the cause of the bulge. For example, one woman may only need liposuction to produce the desired results, while another woman may need to have a substantial amount of skin removed.

Depending on the patient’s goals, oral sedation or local anesthesia may be used, but in some cases it’s best for the patient to have general anesthesia. Recovery from this procedure is about one week, and the patient is advised to restrict physical activity for up to six weeks depending on how complicated the procedure was. If the patient decides to have skin removed, she may need one or two drains, but the drains are typically removed within a few days after the surgery.

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What types of results can be expected? Usually, the mons is less noticeable in clothing and if the patient’s mons used to hang, removal of excess skin will result in less hanging. To learn more about this procedure, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Yuly Gorodisky, a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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