Liposuction or CoolSculpting®, Which One Is Right for Me?

Spanx, baggy shirts, slimming jeans, and dark clothing can disguise bulges, but only to an extent. When a large percentage of people look at themselves in the mirror undressed, or at full body photos of themselves, the truth can...hurt. In developed countries like the United States, we’re not only living in the land of plenty, but we spend much of our time in traffic (for those living in LA especially), and sitting at desks for hours on end.

As a result of our hectic, sedentary lifestyles, a lot of us are not as active as we should be and it’s showing in all the wrong places. So, when our 10-hour workdays start to show around our midsections and we say, “Enough is enough,” liposuction starts to sound very appealing. But, CoolSculpting® sounds pretty amazing too. So, which one is right for you?

Liposuction is More Aggressive

Liposuction is more aggressive than CoolSculpting. So, if a patient has a significant amount of excess body fat, CoolSculpting just won’t get the same results as liposuction. With liposuction, fat is removed (suctioned out) with a small metal tube called a cannula. As the skilled plastic surgeon removes fat, he or she uses their aesthetic eye to tailor and sculpt so the results are beautiful.

CoolSculpting on the other hand is a non-surgical procedure. It is an FDA-approved, non-invasive fat-freezing technology developed by ZELTIQ Aesthetics. Through controlled cooling, the patient’s fat cells are frozen and ultimately broken down and naturally eliminated by the body over a period of a couple weeks. A dream come true!

Anyone comparing liposuction to CoolSculpting should consider:

  • Liposuction is more aggressive than CoolSculpting and therefor my deliver better results.
  • Liposuction contours better than CoolSculpting.
  • CoolSculpting does NOT involve surgery and may be better suited for people with less body fat.
  • Since it’s non-surgical, CoolSculpting does not have any downtime.
  • CoolSculpting is a treatment option for those who don’t want surgery or who cannot have surgery due to health reasons.

Please remember that CoolSculpting and liposuction are not substitutes for weight loss, nor can they prevent weight gain. Instead, they are excellent compliments to a healthy lifestyle that includes a good diet and regular physical activity.

If a patient has a lot of loose skin; for example, because he or she lost a significant amount of weight, both procedures can be limited as to their effectiveness. In cases of loose, hanging skin, a tummy tuck or arm lift may be necessary to deliver the best results.

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