What is Sexy Right Now?

Every decade, it seems like what’s sexy changes and in many ways, that’s true. While people tend to have their preferences and their own ideas about what’s sexy, we can’t ignore the fact that society’s ideas about sexuality tend to be influenced by our culture.

In the 1920s, women would cut their hair short and wrap their breasts to make them appear flat because at the time, that was considered beautiful. Of course, the “boyish” look was short-lived. Flat chests didn’t stay fashionable for very long.

Post World War II, we were at the height of femininity. Voluptuous actresses like Grace Kelly, Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, Diana Dors, Elizabeth Taylor, Bridgett Bardot, and Sophia Loren graced magazines and movie screens. They were slim, but curvy and exemplified what it was to be a woman.

In 1966, super skinny came back. “Twiggy,” a very thin British fashion model rose to fame and before long, she became an icon of the decade. She even came out with a Twiggy doll. Twiggy was followed by another “tiny model,” the 5’ 7” Kate Moss in the 1990s, who after modeling for Calvin Klein for seven years, became a household name.

Between the 1990s and the early 2000s, a lot had changed in the modeling industry. Breast augmentations were replacing A and B cups, and almost every Victoria Secret model seemed to have invested in breast augmentation. By the 21st century, fashion models everywhere were going under the knife to enhance their breasts, enhance their buttocks, get better noses, and bring out the features in their faces.

But fashion models aren’t the only ones who make regular visits to their plastic surgeons. Injectables and facelifts have become Hollywood staples – it seems like everybody is doing it because they are. From the big screen to the boardroom, cosmetic surgery has allowed everyone to tap into the fountain of youth.

The Age of Instagram

While we have to give kudos to women like Jennifer Lopez and the Kardashians for bringing curves back, we can’t ignore the fitness influencers of Instagram, the ones who are no longer going for the “waif look,” but who are going for the curvy and healthy look.

As recent as the 1990s, very thin was “in” but now that it’s 2019, our culture is admiring curves all over again. Now, curvy and healthy is sexy. Because of this, we’re getting a lot more women who are looking for Brazilian Butt Lifts and of course, breast augmentation.

Often, when we perform a “Mommy Makeover,” the goal is to create a full chest and a flat stomach – an hourglass figure because today, it’s sexy all over again.

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