Can Plastic Surgery Traits Pass on to Offspring?

Plastic surgery has many uses – it can enhance naturally small breasts, it can reduce a large nose, it can enhance cheek bones, and even make small eyes appear larger. In many ways, the possibilities are endless.

Can plastic surgery improve what are perceived as “genetic flaws”? Absolutely, but what about children? Can plastic surgery results be passed on to our offspring? In a word, no. Plastic surgery does not have the capability of changing the DNA of our cells. It does not change the epigenetic markers that pass on information.

To illustrate, imagine an orange tree. If you pick an orange from the tree and paint it red, does that mean that next year’s oranges will be red? No, they’ll still be orange. The relationship between the orange you painted red and the oranges that grow next year are about the same as a woman’s nose that had a “ski bump” that was operated on, and the children that she has in the future.

The woman’s rhinoplasty cannot prevent her body from passing on her genetics to her offspring. Her children may still inherit her nose. However, that doesn’t mean her children are guaranteed to have her nose. They may inherit their father’s nose, or the large nose may skip a generation and they may have a normal-sized nose.

Genetic Traits Have Nothing to Do with Surgery

Whether a patient receives male-reduction surgery, a breast augmentation, a nose job (rhinoplasty), liposuction, a tummy tuck, etc., no matter what, the traits from plastic surgery will not pass on to the patient’s offspring.

Whatever traits are inherited have nothing to do with plastic surgery because it has zero effect on the traits passed on to children; it does not affect DNA. A child cannot inherit larger breasts because her mother had breast implants, just as a child will not inherit an amputated limb because his or her father lost his leg due in a tragic accident.

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