Can Abdominal Etching Give You a Six Pack?

These days, just about everybody wants to have a defined stomach, and who can blame them? A lean and sculpted stomach not only looks good in clothing, it’s seen as attractive, a sign of good health, discipline, and strength. But, it can be hard to achieve naturally; a six pack typically means hardcore dieting and endless hours in the gym.

Now, there’s a new procedure that can give people that much coveted six pack, and it doesn’t require endless hours of planks and other stomach exercises – it’s called “abdominal etching,” which uses liposuction  and VASER ultrasound technology to create the look of a chiseled six pack.

According to Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, “Liposuction with abdominal etching is used to achieve high-definition abdominal aesthetics. The etching technique is performed with liposuction in a superficial plane, to create indentures consistent with ‘six-pack abs,” or definition of vertical abdominal lines.”

Depending on your preference, the results can be ultra-defined, showing a lot of muscular definition, or you can go for a smoother, less defined appearance.

Do I Need to Exercise?

Does the sound of getting a six-pack without diet and exercise sound too good to be true? That’s because it is. In our experience, the new abdominal etching procedure yields the best results with patients who already have a healthy diet and exercise regularly, especially if they’re already working out their abs.

Generally, the best candidates for abdominal etching have abs, but they’re hidden beneath a layer of fat that’s covering their muscular definition.

Like with any plastic surgery procedure, results have to be maintained. Once a patient has abdominal etching, it’s important for them to continue eating a healthy diet and exercising. In some cases, working with a nutrition and personal training professional can help them make the most out of their new physiques.

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