Breast Augmentation with Lift After Children

Are you a mother who is unhappy with your breasts? If so, you have lots of company. Since pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight fluctuations can have a dramatic impact on the breasts, a large number of mothers wish their post-baby breasts were firmer and perkier.

It’s a fact, most women want to look younger than they are and with all the advances in cosmetic surgery, there’s nothing stopping them. Often, once women are done having children and they’ve shed the unwanted pounds, they want to reverse the damage to their bodies by having a breast augmentation and lift.

Choosing the Right Implant for You

If you’ve decided to have a breast augmentation, the next step is to decide which type and size of implant is right for you. Your options include saline or gummy bear/gel implants. You don’t want to take this decision lightly because your decision will impact recovery, and the look and feel of your implants.

  • Saline Implants: If you want to keep cost to a minimum, saline may be the best choice. However, saline implants may deflate over time, cause rippling in the breast of thin patients, and may not feel is as natural as gummy bear or gel implants.
  • Gummy Bear or Gel Implants: As the name implies, these implants are filled with gel.  The amount and type of gel that is used may make implants softer or firmer, like a gummy bear.  These are the top choice for most women because they look and feel very realistic and choosing a firmer implant will maintain the shape of the breast and make it less prone to rippling. If the modern gel implants rupture, the gel will stay in the same place and will not make the breast deflate like with saline implants. 

Once you decide what type of implant you want, next you’ll decide where to have the implants placed. You can either have them placed behind the pectoral muscle (this is called submuscular) or they can be placed behind the breast tissue (this is called subglandular). While submuscular involves a lengthier healing process, the results do look more natural.

On the other hand, when implants are subglandular, the patient can have larger implants. When a larger implant is used, there can be more scarring and the implants will be less supported.

Enhancing an Augmentation with a Breast Lift

With a breast lift, the nipples and areola are moved and excess skin is removed. In effect, the breasts appear perkier, which is something a lot of mothers with sagging breasts deeply appreciate. In many cases, a combined breast lift and augmentation will yield the best results, especially for women who have had children or breastfed.

When the two complimentary procedures are combined, the breasts will increase in size, but they will also look better than if the patient opted for just an augmentation or a lift alone. To see our breast augmentation before and after gallery, click here.

To learn more about breast augmentation and breast lift procedures and our Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Yuly Gorodisky, contact our office today.

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