Real Reasons Behind Vaginal Laxity: It’s Not What You Think!

There have been lots of discussions about “tight” and “loose” vaginas. In our years of practice, we’ve discovered myths circulating around about vaginal laxity, which we’re going to shed light on in this article.

The ‘Loose Vagina’ Myth

A woman’s vagina may change over the years due to childbirth and aging, but they don’t become loose due to multiple partners or frequent sexual intercourse.

Historically, people used the term “loose” to shame women about having sex. People typically throw the term around to describe a woman who’s had sex with multiple men. In reality, it doesn’t matter who a women has sex with or how often. Sexual penetration does not cause a vagina to stretch out permanently. Instead, the real reasons why women’s vaginas become less elastic are age and childbirth, not sexual activity.

  • Age: A woman’s vagina may start losing elasticity in her 40s due to dropping estrogen levels, which can make vaginal tissue less stretchy.
  • Childbirth: Multiple childbirths can cause a vagina to loose elasticity, especially when a woman has children when she’s in her 30s or 40s when aging is also contributing to her vaginal laxity.

Treatments for Vaginal Looseness

There are several options to enhance the vaginal tone and improve sexual health in women who have developed laxity. A thorough examination by your gynecologist is to rule out any medical reasons for this condition to determine if surgical treatment may be necessary or if hormonal supplements or creams may improve the symptoms. Some options that are offered at our office include Votiva – a non invasive radiofrequency tightening, PRP or filler injections, external labiaplasty, or fat transfer injections.

If you’re concerned that aging or childbirth, or both, have changed your vagina’s elasticity, talk to Dr. Yuly Gorodisky about your concerns and he’ll discuss the feminine rejuvenation procedures available, which may help you achieve your goals and boost your self-confidence.

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