Most Popular Non-surgical Cosmetic Procedures

Most Popular Non-surgical Cosmetic Procedures

Experience Cosmetic Enhancement Without Surgery

When you think of a plastic surgery practice like West Coast Plastic Surgery Center, it only makes sense that you might think of surgical procedures as the main service. In reality, many of our procedures don’t require surgery at all, and they are still popular options that can do wonders for your beauty enhancement and, most importantly, your confidence.

Learn about some of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures we offer:

  • Nonsurgical brow lift

Brows have been all the rage this decade, so it seems fitting that brow lifts would be popular. There are surgical options for brow lifts, but patients who prefer to opt for a simpler option can still experience amazing results. Botox brow lifts work by treating the fine lines between the brows. Unlike a traditional brow lift, it does not involve incisions or removal of any skin. To maintain the rejuvenation in the area, patients are advised to return every three to four months.

  • Hyalutonic fillers for enhancement

With the vision of the skilled team at West Coast Plastic Surgery Center, hyaluronic fillers such as Juvederm, Voluma, Restylane or others, can be used in ways that might have only been possible through surgery in the past. Not only can they reverse lines and wrinkles around the face and mouth, but it can also be used to enhance and improve the shape of the face. This can create effects similar to a nose job or facial sculpting. Our team can meet with you to discuss your individual cosmetic goals, and see if hyaluronic fillers are the right fit.

  • Lip fillers

It’s no secret that full lips have been on-trend this decade. Lip fillers are a way that patients can achieve fuller lips, but it is not the only injectable option. West Coast Plastic Surgery Center offers a wide variety of options to help patients make their dreams of fuller lips a reality.

  • Laser treatments and chemical peels

West Coast Plastic Surgery Center takes a new approach to the beloved laser treatments for skin enhancement. We use Clear + Brilliant™ treatments, which are designed to help our patients recover the flow, luminosity, and smoothness of the skin. Not only will it visibly illuminate their skin tone, but it will reveal a renewed, soft texture with reduced pores underneath. Patients tend to report visible improvements after four to six treatments. Chemical peels, on the other hand, are administered by a medical aesthetician with the goal of cleaning, hydrating, and improving skin tone. As always, our caring team will discuss your needs with you and make sure they are met.

  • CoolSculpting

Of course, we had to include the world’s #1 non-invasive fat reduction procedure on this list. West Coast Plastic Surgery Center offers CoolSculpting, which is an innovative way to contour your body and uncover the toned abs underneath by freezing away unwanted fat. The results after only sixteen weeks truly speak for themselves.

  • RFAL/FaceTite/NeckTite/BodyTite/Renuvion

This powerful technology uses radio frequency to tighten the skin of the face, neck, body, breasts, arms, and thighs. It involves no incisions and works by engaging a simple probe that delivers energy to the underlying skin layers. Scientific studies show that this procedure can cause up to 40% contraction of the tissues. Because of its versatility and ability to be used on such a variety of areas, it is perfect for patients with specific needs who do not want to undergo surgery.

  • Latisse

Last but not least, the lashes! Latisse is an FDA-approved treatment designed to enhance the prominence of eyelashes by increasing their length, thickness, and darkness. Our office can prescribe it to you as a once-daily treatment applied to the base of the upper eyelashes. Patients report experiencing increased lashes in about six to eight weeks of treatment.

Learn More About the Power of Noninvasive Treatments

Although these noninvasive cosmetic treatments do not require any surgery, they yield powerful results. We are proud to give our patients an extra confidence boost to help them tackle their lives with their heads held high. There is quite a variety of treatments listed above, but it is not even the beginning of what we offer. If you’re feeling unsure about what treatment you would like, the best next step is to come in and schedule a consultation with us. We will work with you to determine your cosmetic goals and if nonsurgical is the way you’d like to go, we have plenty of options for you.

To learn more about our nonsurgical cosmetic treatments, call us today at (805) 978-8545 or contact us online!

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