Fat Grafting for Better Cleavage

When women consider a breast augmentation or breast augmentation and lift combination, they’re usually thinking about increasing the volume and size of their breasts, and improving the overall breast shape.

What women must think about is how the space between their implants will play a role in the procedure, especially as it pertains to cleavage. Read on as we explore cleavage and how fat grafting can be an important element to achieving the best results.

During our initial breast augmentation consultations, women will discuss size and they will frequently bring up cleavage. While the consultation includes discussions about volume, cup size and types of implant materials, it also covers cleavage, referring to the space between the breasts. Why is cleavage so important? Because, done right, it’s an aesthetic sign of a beautiful breast augmentation. 

How Cleavage is Created

When you imagine the look you want to achieve with your breast augmentation, surely you do not want your new breasts to be too far apart as this would look unnatural. Depending on your anatomy and the tissue between your breasts, Dr. Yuly Gorodisky may need to adjust the pocket for your implants so they are closer or further apart. Of course, the size and type of implant you choose and its width will also determine how the surgery is performed to achieve the best cleavage.

Sometimes, the best way to achieve the desired result is to use fat transfer to diminish wide cleavage. For some patients, the best way to help them achieve the desired cleavage is with fat transfer (fat grafting). Every woman’s body is different, so when there is a large space between a woman’s breasts because of her anatomy, for example, because of the bony width of a woman’s sternum, fat transfer can help.

Interestingly, the distance between women’s breasts varies, so cleavage is based on a woman’s chest and torso measurements. If a patient feels that her breast cleavage is too wide, fat grafting (transfer) can help create better cleavage, but the patient has to have donor fat available.

Already have implants but think they’re too far apart? This fat grafting procedure works great for women who have already had a breast augmentation but feel the space between their breast implants is too wide.

To learn more about fat transfer to achieve beautiful cleavage, contact our office to schedule your consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Yuly Gorodisky.