Benefits of a Breast Reduction Surgery

What Is a Breast Reduction?

While many patients long for larger breasts, and will receive breast augmentations to achieve them, there is also a great deal of patients who have such large breasts that they are painful or bothersome. For these women, a breast reduction surgery, also called a mammaplasty, is a great way to fix this issue and reduce the pain that comes along with large breasts. For women with overly large breasts, some of the benefits of reduction surgery include:

  • Alleviation of chronic pain

Many women with large breasts experience chronic pain in the neck, back, and shoulder area. For many women, the last thing they need is extra weight on their shoulders. A breast reduction surgery helps to alleviate the pain by quite literally taking some of this weight off.

  • Relief from breathing difficulties

Another problem that affects women with large breasts is that breathing becomes more difficult. Large breasts add extra weight onto the ribs, which can make breathing a bit of a challenge. This is an issue because the ability to breathe deeply plays an essential role in our overall health. It relieves stress, clears our minds, and allows us to recover from workouts. Many women find that a breast reduction was the solution they needed to finally put their breathing problems to rest.

  • Improved posture

Women who have large breasts might find that there is an excess of pressure on their frame, which results in a curved posture. If this issue persists, poor posture can lead to chronic back pain, spinal dysfunction, joint degeneration, rounded shoulders, and a potbelly. When the breasts are reduced, many women find that the pressure is decreased in this area and they are finally able to keep their spine straight and comfortable.

  • Freedom from uncomfortable tingling and numbness

You know that large breasts and poor posture go hand-in-hand, but what you might not know is that when large breasts and poor posture meet, they can actually cause damage to the nerve pathways and create uncomfortable sensations of tingling and numbness. Having a breast reduction surgery is one great way for women to free themselves of this discomfort.

  • More comfortable bra-wearing

Long gone are the days of overly tight bras for women who receive breast reduction surgeries. For women whose breasts are quite large, it can be difficult to find a supportive bra with a comfortable strap. For those who fail to find a comfortable bra strap, they often find that their breasts outweigh the strength of the strap, causing the strap to dig into the shoulders and create a painful sensation. With a breast reduction, women can breathe freely again and finally find the bra that truly supports them.

  • Healing of rashes or infections under the breast

Another unexpected issue that can arise from large breasts is a rash. When the breasts are large, they tend to soak in heat and bacteria, which inevitably leads to rashes in the area. When a woman receives a breast reduction surgery, she often finds that this is no longer an issue because those same substances are not being trapped in the area.

  • Healing from migraines

Large breasts have been linked to the development of migraines. This could be because the extra weight of the breasts adds extra stressors to the muscles of the upper back, neck, and head. Women with large breasts tend to show improvements in this area after breast reduction surgery.

  • Restored ability to exercise

When you have large breasts, you often are unable to meet your workout goals in the ways that you otherwise would. This is simply because large breasts inhibit the ability to get the recommended amount of exercise. Because so many women are able to exercise in ways they previously could not, one of the most notable advantages of a breast reduction surgery is weight loss. Women often lose as much as ten to twenty pounds in the months following their surgeries.

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