What Does a Vaginal Rejuvenation Do?

Addressing Common Insecurities Women Have About Their Vaginas

At West Coast Plastic Surgery, we offer vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty procedures to help women look and feel better about their vaginas. There are many situations that a woman might face that cause her to feel insecure about the appearance of her genital area. A labiaplasty can actually reform the area to be more comfortable for the woman and help her feel like her best self. Some of the most common reasons women seek vaginal rejuvenations include:

  • Pain during sex

Certain vaginal qualities, like a loose labia, can cause pain during sex, which leads to issues with intimacy, relationships, and sexual satisfaction. Ideally, the inner labia or the labia minora should be inside and protected by the outer labia, otherwise a woman might experience pain in that area. If that is the case, we can address the issue and make sure that the tissues are protecting the proper areas.

  • Pronounced labia minora

If a labia minora is overly pronounced, it can lead to issues in a variety of areas, but most of all, it can be uncomfortable. A vaginal rejuvenation can help create symmetry in the genital area by trimming the vaginal lips and making other changes. The result will be a symmetrical, natural-looking, more comfortable vaginal area.

  • Lack of pleasurable sensations in the area

Some women might realize over time that they do not have a sensitive G-spot area, or they have excess tissue surrounding the clitoris. Both of these situations can inhibit pleasure. Some of the capabilities of a vaginal rejuvenation include clitoral unhooding, or removing the tissue surrounding the clitoris, and G-spot amplification, in which we insert collagen into the front wall to enhance pleasure.

  • Loose vaginal canal

Over time, childbirth and age lead to a looser vaginal canal. This is more common in women who have had a child or who have had multiple children, but the natural aging process leads to some level of stretching in many women. There are exercises, like Kegel exercises and pelvic tilt exercises, that can assist with this. Some women might find that they need a little extra help in this area, and that is where a vaginoplasty comes in.

  • Medical conditions

Some issues with the vaginal canal can lead to medical conditions, which might warrant the need for a vaginal rejuvenation. For example, when the vaginal muscles weaken, the bladder can sink into the vagina and create a bladder prolapse, which a vaginoplasty can help with. In a similar way, weakened pelvic muscles can lead to slippage of the rectum. A vaginoplasty can put the muscles of the rectum back into their proper place. Weakened pelvic muscles can also lead to urinary incontinence, which is involuntary leakage of urine. A vaginoplasty can help prevent urine from leaking and make solutions like Kegel exercises more effective. Another medical condition that can be helped with vaginal rejuvenation is perineal tears. Perineal tears vary widely in their severity, and usually happen after childbirth. These tears might be minor, but they can also damage the vaginal tissues and anal muscles. In severe cases, the body might need some extra assistance healing them, in which case, a vaginal rejuvenation can help.

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