What Does It Mean to Get Your Ears Pinned Back?

About the Otoplasty Procedure

Ear pinning is a surgery offered at West Coast Plastic Surgery that works to correct protruding ears. The procedure can also be used to reduce the size of earlobes due to stretching or to fix a torn earlobe. It is a type of surgery of the outer ear in which we remove cartilage and skin behind the ears and use permanent stitches to pin back the ears.

We commonly perform this procedure for patients who are unhappy with how far their ears protrude from their head. During the procedure, we make an incision just behind the ear, which is the natural fold where the ear and head meet. We might also remove some of the ear cartilage if the patient has an excess of cartilage in the area and it is safe to do so. It is important that any patient who undergoes this procedure is healthy and is able to be put under anesthesia.

Most patients can expect to make a recovery from the otoplasty procedure in six weeks, but most of the results will be visible after two to three weeks. After the first day of surgery, patients might experience a small amount of pain in the area, but a compression garment can typically help with this.

How to Sleep Well After Otoplasty

Because the otoplasty is a surgery that makes changes to the ears, patients are commonly concerned how they will be able to sleep after the procedure. By being diligent about aftercare and following a proper post-surgery routine, patients will be able to transition back to sleeping smoothly.

As with most surgeries, this procedure requires a rest period. We recommend that patients stay in bed for one day after they arrive home from surgery. After about a week, swelling will continue to subside. Typically, patients return to their typical activities ten days after the procedure. As for the swelling, most to all of it should be resolved three months after the procedure.

However, they should be careful to keep their head in an elevated position to avoid further irritating the area. It is especially important to protect the ears for the weeks following the procedure. For many patients, this might involve a recovery headband and avoiding sleeping on their side as much as they can. Patients might need to continue wearing the headband while they sleep up to six weeks following the procedure, but they can typically sleep on their sides at this stage.

Benefits of Getting Your Ears Pinned Back

Having this surgery can make a major impact on an individual’s life, especially those who feel particularly insecure about the appearance of their ears. You might not always think about the ears when you think about cosmetic procedures, but the ears make up a large portion of your appearance. This surgery can balance the facial features, which leads to positive chances for a person’s self-esteem. As with any surgery, it is important to understand this procedure to the fullest extent before undergoing it. Dr. Gorodisky will be happy to walk you through the details of this procedure and help you realize if it is right for you.

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