Did The Weeknd Get Plastic Surgery?

The Drastic Facial Transformation That Left the World with Many Questions

With over 3 billion streams, Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, is one of the most highly streamed Canadian artists of 2020. His album After Hours was the second-most-streamed album around the world. The R&B pop artist has taken home three Grammy’s amongst many other awards, so he is a high-profile celebrity whose actions are certainly under a microscope.

When he appeared with face bandages and what looked like a bloody face at the 2021 Super Bowl, it left fans wondering if the star had gotten plastic surgery. On top of that, on January 5, he posted a photo of himself on Instagram that looked like he had majorly altered his appearance. This seems to have occurred after a series of stunts that indicated he had undergone surgeries. As it turns out, The Weeknd was putting on more of a performance arts piece than a post-op transformation. Plus, the bandages were a great way to artistically cover the backup dancers’ faces to be cautious of COVID-19 without resorting to an unstylish mask.

Can Plastic Surgery Change Your Face Shape?

Even though The Weeknd’s facial transformation was all a ruse, plenty of celebrities and regular folks alike undergo major facial changes every year. Cosmetic facial bone surgery can change the shape of the face in remarkable ways, and can yield much more beautiful results than The Weeknd’s hoax of an “after” picture. Skilled cosmetic surgeons can perform different types of procedures that transform the shape of the face by altering the underlying bone. Some examples of the ways that cosmetic surgery can alter your face include:

  • Facial implants

The term “facial implants” refers to the solid, gel-like material that can be used to augment the face. Facial implants can be used to correct facial symmetry and create permanent contour. They can also lift the forehead to create the look of a youthful appearance. Because of these abilities, patients who have begun to lose volume in their face or who want to strengthen their jawline often seek out this procedure.

  • Chin surgery

The goal of chin surgery is to reshape the chin through an enhancement, implant, or bone reduction surgery. Chin surgery can be used to create an aesthetically pleasing facial contour, to correct facial asymmetry, to improve jawline definition, to create a more proportional facial height, and to create a sense of harmony amongst the features of the face. Some patients might seek this surgery because they wish to give more projection to the chin, while others might want to lessen the appearance of a projecting chin. Some plastic surgeons might also recommend chin surgery to patients who are having a liquid or surgical rhinoplasty in order to improve facial proportions.

  • Facial feminization

Facial feminization refers to the range of surgeries that can be used to create a more feminine appearance in the face. Examples of facial feminization include moving the hairline to create a smaller forehead, augmenting the lips or cheeks, and having the jaw or chin reshaped. Because facial feminization is designed to reshape masculine features into more feminine features, they are usually included under the umbrella of gender confirmation surgery for transgender individuals. However, plastic surgeons can keep the concepts and features of facial feminization in mind when working with any patient who wants to achieve a softer, more traditionally feminine look.

  • Jawline contouring surgery

As for jawline contouring surgery, also called a V-line or mandibuloplasty, the goal is to make the jawline appear narrower. It removes parts of the jawbone and chin, allowing the body to heal in a shape that looks like the letter “V.” Therefore, patients who seek this surgery are usually trying to bring the jawline forward to create a more fluid appearance from the jaw to the chin.

  • Trauma reconstruction

Trauma reconstruction surgeries are meant to help patients who have undergone a traumatic injury. The goal is to restore the function and appearance of their face. A facial traumatic injury can involve soft tissues, like with burns lacerations and bruises, or it can involve fractures of the facial bones like jaw and nasal fractures. The most common causes of facial injuries are accidents, falls, violence, and automobile crashes. Techniques like skin grafts, flap surgery, and tissue expansion are often performed to help us restore the function and appearance the patient once had in their face. 

  • Orthognathic surgery

The purpose of orthognathic surgery is to correct irregularities of the jawbone. It can also work to align the jaws in a way that is more efficient and effective. The result is a more harmonious bite and improved overall facial appearance. Patients whose jaws are not aligned correctly often need to have this surgery in order to reposition their teeth. Patients recover from this surgery to find that their jaw looks and functions as it should, which can make every day life a bit easier.

At West Coast Plastic Surgery Center, we offer face lifts, blepharoplasties, ear surgery, and other non-surgical treatments to help patients put their best face forward. Facial plastic surgery is an important decision, and we are here to customize, accommodate, and comfort our patients in what ever way they need during this time. Our goal is to enhance the faces of our patients and draw attention to the natural beauty they have always had. Unlike what The Weeknd might be showing on his social media pages, it is possible to use facial bone surgery to address insecurities and improve confidence levels. In fact, Dr. Gorodisky and the team at West Coast Plastic Surgery Center will accept nothing less.

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