5 Plastic Surgery Myths Busted

If you’ve ever considered getting plastic surgery, you may have worried that any of the common myths about it are true. Even with such procedures now more common, there is still a lot of disheartening or scary chatter about plastic surgery. Educating yourself so you can recognize misconceptions vs. factual information can make a significant difference in your views on plastic surgery. Looking at the truth behind some of these widespread ideas can reassure you and motivate you to take the next step in consulting a certified provider to discuss your aesthetic goals.

#1 Plastic Surgery Is Too Expensive for Most People

Since many plastic surgeries are elective and require paying out of pocket, many believe that this type of procedure is only accessible for the wealthy. However, thanks to advanced technology, many surgeries are now more affordable, and they can make a big difference in both your appearance and your mental wellbeing. It’s also worth the extra savings to work with a board-certified plastic surgeon to ensure successful results and premium safety.

#2 Plastic Surgery Is Only for Women

No matter your gender, you deserve to enjoy your looks and feel confident as you go through life. While, traditionally, women have been most associated with plastic surgery, other demographics have been growing since the late 1990s. Many treatments can benefit everyone, such as eyelid surgery, dermal fillers, and facelifts. If you are looking to improve your appearance, don’t hesitate to book a consultation with a reputable plastic surgeon to discuss your options.

#3 Breast Implants Aren’t Safe

Wondering if implants, foreign materials you get inside your body, are safe is understandable. Significant scientific research and testing ensure that breast implants are safe, and the FDA has approved multiple types of saline and silicone implants for medical use.

Your doctor will work with you to figure out which type of implant is appropriate for you. Breast augmentation is one of the most common standard plastic surgeries. Although breast implants usually last 10 to 15 years, follow-up appointments will help your surgeon decide when it is best to remove and possibly replace them.

#4 Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery Are the Same

People commonly use the two terms interchangeably, but plastic and cosmetic surgeons do not receive the same training. Plastic surgeons need to meet very high standards to obtain their qualifications and exist as a specialty. There is no standardized specialty for cosmetic surgery.

When a plastic surgeon gets their board certification, they have completed five years of surgical training at an accredited hospital, and two of those years focused on plastic surgery. A medical degree and other forms of certification in cosmetic surgery aren’t the same levels of training. Doctors from various medical fields can practice cosmetic surgery. Asking your surgeon about their qualifications is an important thing to do during your first consultation.

#5 Plastic Surgery Makes You Look Fake

One of the most pervasive myths about plastic surgery is how it always looks fake and will turn you into someone else. This is far away from both the goal of plastic surgery and the results its providers create. Plastic surgeons aim to enhance your natural appearance.

When you come for consultations about your aesthetic goals, your doctor makes sure they are realistic in determining the best course of action for achieving them. They want you to feel happier and more confident while still being recognizable. Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon who has extensive training and experience is key to getting natural-looking results.

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