Plastic Surgery Rising in Popularity During the Pandemic

The Surge of Surgery: Why Are More Patients Considering Plastic Surgery in the Age of COVID-19?

You might think that less patients would be opting for plastic surgery in the age of COVID-19. After all, many of us were trapped in our houses for a good portion of 2020 with little to no outside interaction. In reality, though, the demand for plastic surgery has gone up over the course of the pandemic. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons stated, “Across the country, there has been some pent-up demand. Our statistics show that people are still interested. Even during this pandemic, the interest in plastic surgery has not waned.”

The interest in both nonsurgical and surgical treatments has increased, and according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, facelifts, rhinoplasties, blepharoplasties, breast augmentations, liposuctions, and abdominoplasties are the most desirable treatments during the pandemic. Another survey from the organization found that 49% of patients who have not had plastic surgery in the past would be open to cosmetic treatments in the future, even though the COVID-19 pandemic might raise safety concerns.

Onlookers wonder if this could be due to heightened conversations about self-care and maintaining one’s health. Others wonder if the surge is due to boredom, a need to feel productive and to feel a sense of progress, or if the increased time at home has caused people to really consider what matters to them.

Interestingly enough, some people wonder if Zoom calls are responsible for the growing interest in cosmetic procedures. In normal conversation, we are looking at the people across from us, and we are not usually able to look at ourselves. During Zoom calls, it can be quite tempting to look at yourself in the screen, and it might be motivating people to work on their appearance in new ways.

The increased interest in cosmetic surgery is also causing an uptick in appointments for Botox, lip fillers, and other procedures that help people feel younger and rejuvenated, even if the only people who see them are doing so through a computer screen. At the same time, while the pandemic has certainly taken a toll on the economy in many ways, for others, the stay-at-home lifestyle has helped them save money. While they would usually be spending money on traveling, restaurants, and other activities, they are unable to do so in the age of COVID-19. For this reason, they might feel more justified in taking the opportunity to splurge on themselves.

Plastic Surgery and Healing Time: Why Patients Are Choosing to Heal from Home

The work-from-home lifestyle has caused an increase in plastic surgery in another unique way – patients are able to work from home while they heal. For an average plastic surgery, it takes around six weeks to heal. This alone would have prevented many patients from seeking the surgery they otherwise might have. On the other hand, if they are working from home, they can heal from behind a computer screen without their co-workers being aware of their surgery.

Keeping Surgery Safe During COVID-19

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic is still an ongoing concern, at West Coast Plastic Surgery Center, we are prioritizing our patients’ safety. If there is an increase in the demand for plastic surgery, we want to be able to meet that demand. It is our goal to make patients feel and look their best, and we are working diligently to maintain their safety while we do so. Some of the strategies we are implementing in order to keep patients safe during this time include:

  • Performing advanced screenings to make sure patients and team members are not showing symptoms of COVID-19 or having respiratory issues before coming in for a consultation
  • Checking the temperature of patients and staff to keep everyone involved safe
  • Facilitating the option for patients to meet virtually to keep them as safe and comfortable as possible
  • Enforcing social distancing measures in the clinic, which includes having our team members and our patients wear masks
  • Being diligent about washing our hands frequently and encouraging everyone who enters our clinic to do the same
  • Encouraging team members to avoid non-emergency-related personal travel
  • Frequently updating our team members on the latest best practices and protocol to stop the spread of the virus
  • Providing free masks for all of our patients

With so many people either working from home or taking the time to re-examine many aspects of their lives, now is the perfect time to take the plunge and get that cosmetic surgery you’ve always wanted. West Coast Plastic Surgery Center is staffed with a friendly, professional, and compassionate team. We are here to answer all of your questions and make sure you feel comfortable throughout the entire process. These times are unprecedented, and for many, plastic surgery feels like an entirely new world as well. With West Coast Plastic Surgery Center, you can rest assured that you will feel right at home with our team.

To schedule your consultation, give West Coast Plastic Surgery Center a call at (805) 978-8545 or contact us online.

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