What Are Common Plastic Surgery Fears?

How to Overcome Fears Surrounding Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has the power to improve your appearance, elevate your confidence, and address your insecurities to help you tackle the world. Even though plastic surgery can have many benefits on an individual’s life, many people are afraid of the procedures. At West Coast Plastic Surgery Center, we want to assure our clients and potential clients that they do not need to be fearful of plastic surgery, and that our specialists are highly trained to carry out safe procedures. Some of the top fears our clients present to us include:

  • Fear of undesired results

When people come in for a plastic surgery consultation, they tend to have specific results in mind. This is probably due to the nature of plastic surgery, which is used to address specific insecurities. The last thing a patient wants is for their procedure to make them more insecure. This will not be a problem with the right plastic surgeon, who will work diligently to ensure the desired results are achieved. The right plastic surgeon will also manage your expectations, making sure that you are aware of what can reasonably be achieved through plastic surgery before the procedure begins.

  • Fear of complications

As with any procedure, it is important to understand the risks involved when undergoing plastic surgery. A good plastic surgeon will walk you through the potential risks involved and mitigate them. They will also make sure you are familiar with the proper recovery process so you can take care of yourself after surgery.

  • Fear of addiction to the medication

There are few systemic analgesic protocols that can be used to relieve pain in plastic surgery. Most commonly, the IV administration of opioid and nonopioid analgesics can be used. Some of these medicines have the potential to cultivate addiction in patients who might have suffered from addiction previously. A good plastic surgeon will understand the importance of making the patient aware of these risks prior to surgery and how to mitigate them to avoid risk of addiction.

  • Fear of pain

Most plastic surgery procedures involve general anesthesia, which will prevent pain and discomfort throughout the surgery. For most surgeries, postoperative pain is mild and can be managed with medication and rest.

  • Fear of judgment from others

Although plastic surgery is becoming more accepted, there is still the fear of judgment surrounding the procedures. People tend to be fearful that they will be viewed as vain or superficial for fixing an aspect of their appearance. Plastic surgery is definitely a personal decision, but patients who have this fear might find comfort in the fact that their own opinion is the one that matters most. If they will feel better after the surgery, that is what counts.

  • Fear of unpredictable expenses surrounding the procedure

One of the main reasons that patients choose to not pursue plastic surgery is because of the costs surrounding the procedure. Even though most clinics post their prices on their websites, patients might be worried about unexpected costs popping up and putting them into unexpected debt. This is another problem that a good plastic surgery center will not allow to happen. A trusted plastic surgeon will make sure you are familiar with the costs upfront so you do not sign up for a surgery that costs more than you expected.

  • Fear of unwanted scars

The nature of plastic surgery is that it comes with incisions. Even though these incisions are necessary and can be used to achieve amazing results, they can occasionally leave scars. However, plastic surgeons have the ability to make the scars appear in such a way that they are hidden or minimized, and are not apparent in comparison to the amazing results. A skilled plastic surgeon will also recommend the best aftercare solutions for your specific needs. Popularly, silicone-based creams can be used over the incisions to minimize their appearance.

About the Powerful Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Even though it is common to have fears surrounding plastic surgery, most studies report that patients are generally happy with the outcome of their cosmetic procedures. Plastic surgery is associated with positive emotional outcomes, like greater social confidence and self-esteem. Plastic surgery can even make an individual more motivated to maintain a healthy diet and exercise program in order to keep their appearance in check after the procedure. Overall, this means a healthier lifestyle and reduced risk for certain diseases. Furthermore, some studies suggest that those who are more attractive are able to achieve more professional and personal opportunities. At West Coast Plastic Surgery, we believe that everyone has natural inner and outer beauty. Our job is to help make your outer beauty shine so that your inner beauty can shine too. We do this by enhancing the features you already have to help you bring your best self to the table every day.

If you are ready to put aside your fears and begin your plastic surgery journey, call West Coast Plastic Surgery Center at (805) 978-8545 or contact us online.

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