Plastic Surgery Predictions for 2021

What the Future Holds for Plastic Surgery

All signs indicate that plastic surgery will only continue to grow in popularity as it becomes more accessible, more cost-effective, and less invasive. Plastic surgery is a great way to elevate confidence and self-esteem for those who have insecurities regarding their appearance. Plastic surgery became fully incorporated into the medical field in the 1950s. Although plastic surgery had been in existence long before, this was the point when it was viewed with the same level of professionalism as other medical areas. The popularity of plastic surgery really started picking up speed in the 1980s and 1990s, especially facial surgery. As the field continued to develop, the focus shifted to noninvasive procedures and quick recovery time like fillers. By 2005, the most popular procedure was injectable substances that address the effects of aging. Plastic surgery is a field that is constantly evolving, so if you’re interested in the field, you might be curious what the trends will be for 2021. West Coast Plastic Surgery Center has put together some predictions for the year based on past and current trends. Check out some of our plastic surgery predictions below.

Aesthetic injectables are a great segway into the world of plastic surgery because they allow patients to enjoy the benefits of cosmetic surgery without many of the negative effects. Patients flock to these treatments for their uses in relaxing wrinkles, contouring the body, and adding structure and volume to the face and lips. In the year 2021, people are busier than ever, and aesthetic injectables allow them to continue with their day as normal with little to no recovery time. Some popular forms of aesthetic injectables are:

Laser resurfacing is a facial rejuvenation procedure in which we utilize lasers to improve the skin’s appearance and address facial flaws. Patients opt for this procedure to address age spots, scars, acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet, sagging skin, uneven skin tone, enlarged oil products, and warts. Aging is a natural process, but many people prefer to preserve youthful skin, and that is why we predict the popularity of laser resurfacing will skyrocket in 2021.

  • Combination treatments

As plastic surgery continues to develop, patients are realizing that they do not have to stick to a “one size fits all” formulation. No two bodies are the same, so no two procedures should have to be the same either. It is becoming more popular to combine surgery with nonsurgical treatments to create a more highly personalized facial rejuvenation. Popular plastic surgery combination treatments include:

    • Tummy tuck surgery and liposuction
    • Tummy tuck and breast enhancement
    • Facelift surgery and eyelid surgery
    • Facelift and brow lift surgery
    • Facelift and neck lift
    • Facelift and fat transfer
    • Eyelid surgery and dermal fillers
    • Chin augmentation and rhinoplasty
    • Breast reduction and breast lift surgery
    • Breast augmentation and rhinoplasty
  • Liposuction

There were more than 250,000 liposuction procedures performed in 2018, and we predict this procedure will gain even more popularity in 2021. Many patients felt like they lost some of their fitness progress in the year 2020 because of gyms closing down due to COVID-19. Liposuction is known for its ability to remove stubborn pockets of fat that won’t budge due to exercise. The most common areas that individuals have liposuction are abdomen, upper arms, and the buttocks.

Along those same lines, tummy tucks are another procedure that patients love when they feel behind on their fitness journey, which is why we predict that it will become so popular in the year 2021. The difference between a liposuction and a tummy tuck is that a liposuction removes small fat deposits, while a tummy tuck removes excess fat and skin, which cannot be done through diet and exercise. For this reason, it will an especially helpful procedure for patients who might have gained some weight, lost it, and were left with excess skin in the area.

Breast augmentations have been around for a long time, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. Breast augmentations are the second most popular cosmetic surgical treatment next to liposuctions. Over 300,000 procedures are performed every year in the U.S. While the procedure has remained popular, the way that patients are choosing to get their breasts enlarged has changed. Patients are opting to enhance their breasts for a more natural appearance rather than opting for the overly large breasts of the past.

Brazilian butt lifts are unique procedures because they are actually two procedures in one. A Brazilian butt lift, commonly coined as BBL, involves three steps: removing fat from the hips, lower back, thighs, abdomen, and other areas through liposuction. This fat is purified and transferred into strategic places like the buttocks to increase the volume and improve the fullness in the area. We predict this treatment will gain even more popularity in 2021 because for many patients, it produces two desirable results: a smaller waist and shapelier buttocks.

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