Why Winter Is a Great Season for Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is usually a multi-step process that involves several weeks of recovery. Most people who want procedures done often want to show off their new look the next summer. Spring often sees a rush of scheduling requests, but winter may be your best bet to book yours. Getting your surgery (or surgeries) performed during the colder season can be more convenient for all aspects of the process. Don’t hesitate to contact your plastic surgeon to discuss planning for the winter.

Convenient Planning

Planning plastic surgery for the winter means you will have more options. As you get closer to summer, significantly more people will want to book procedures to be ready for the warmer season. Planning a winter surgery can help you to organize your schedule more conveniently because you aren’t rushed to get the procedure done and you have several months before summer. More flexibility on your part may also be helpful to your surgeon, especially when you get several procedures. You may need to take 1 to 2 weeks off work after plastic surgery. The holiday season has built-in days off that may reduce the number of actual days you have to take off for both surgery and recovery.

Easier Recovery

Recovery is a very important part of getting plastic surgery because it helps your body heal properly and maximizes your results. Following surgery, you generally need to avoid strenuous physical activity for 4 to 8 weeks. Choosing winter to get procedures done means that you won’t have to skip on fun summer athletic opportunities. Winter is a great season to stay at home and unwind to enhance your recovery.

Comfortable Clothes

Surgery comes with incisions, sutures, and often swelling and bruising in the targeted area. Winter makes it easier to cover these parts up, especially if you prefer keeping your surgeries discreet. Layering clothes for the colder weather can also make compression garments more comfortable and discreet.

Less Sun Exposure

Applying skincare on all exposed skin when going outdoors is key to youthful and healthy skin, including in the winter. Yet the colder season generally means limited sun exposure compared to summer. Your face, neck, and hands are generally the only areas directly exposed to the sun during the winter, so it is easier for you to safely conceal other body parts where you had surgery. Shorter days also help to keep away from UV rays.

You’ll Be Ready for Next Summer

The bulk of recovery happens during the first few weeks after getting the procedure(s) done but it is not uncommon for side effects to need up to 6 months to fully subside. When you get plastic surgery during the winter, you can be ready for summer and all its social activities. In these months, your scars will fade, and any swelling or bruising will also disappear. Your surgical wounds will have properly healed, which allows you to be as physically active as you desire and go out in the sun without worrying. You’ll have achieved your aesthetic goals and can happily flaunt your new look on vacation.

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