5 Health Tips When Considering Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery can help you achieve your aesthetic goals or provide restoration to your body. If you are interested in pursuing such procedures, setting yourself up for success can make a significant difference when preparing for your surgery and during your recovery.

When you first see your plastic surgeon, they will thoroughly review your medical history and perform a comprehensive physical examination. This helps to make sure you are a good candidate for the procedures that could help you.

Being in general good health is vital for a successful surgery and you should follow your doctor’s recommendations during the whole process, from early consultations to post-op follow-ups.

#1 Eat a Balanced Diet

A healthy and stable weight before and after surgery is one of the most effective ways to optimize and maintain positive results. It is especially true for certain contouring procedures such as tummy tucks, butt lifts, or brachioplasty.

Eating a balanced diet full of nutrients helps with weight management. Lean meats can boost your immune system for surgery. Increasing your intake of dietary fiber supports your digestive health and can minimize the risk of constipation during the healing period.

A good rule of thumbs is avoiding sugary and processed foods. You also want to monitor how much sodium you eat to limit swelling after the surgery.

#2 Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is a common health advice and it applies when you are considering plastic surgery. Proper hydration is crucial when your body is healing. Drinking plenty of water during the whole process can speed up the recovery and minimize scarring.

#3 Stop Smoking

Smoking is associated with a significant number of health risks including for surgery. Smoking reduces blood circulation and can cause cardiovascular issues. It can also interfere with anesthesia during the procedure, and it will likely slow down your healing process.

If you are interested in pursuing plastic surgery, make sure you quit smoking at least two weeks before the operation. If your doctor recommends a different timeline when you discuss your lifestyle habits during your early consultations, make sure to follow it. You should also wait for your provider to give you the green light to start smoking again.

The general advice is to stop completely for six weeks before and six weeks after surgery which includes any other products that contains nicotine.

#4 Minimize Alcohol Intake

Alcohol acts as a blood thinner, which can increase your risk of bleeding during surgery. It can also negatively interact with anesthesia and impact your immune system.

For safety and a quicker recovery, you should avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol in the weeks leading to your procedure. Most doctors recommend abstaining from alcohol at least 72 hours before surgery day.

#5 Avoid Sun Exposure

Many plastic surgeries focus on your skin and making efforts to maintain its elasticity and overall health can make a positive difference. This includes staying out of the sun to preserve its hydration and minimize the aging process.

Wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher is a great habit to implement at least two weeks before surgery. You should continue to use sunscreen during your healing period.

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