Plastic Surgery for Non-Binary Individuals

Non-binary and genderqueer folks, who identify as neither exclusively male nor female, represent a significant part of the LGBTQ+ community. Healthcare practice can be a challenging system to navigate as it remains firmly rooted in the gender binary. Non-binary individuals nevertheless have a wide range of plastic surgery options to meet their aesthetic goals. The appropriate procedures can allow these people to enjoy a body that fits their gender identity and improve their mental health.

Gender-Affirming Surgery for Non-Binary People

Specialized teams that perform gender confirmation or affirmation surgeries usually include board-certified plastic surgeons. The goal of these procedures is to provide individuals with physical features and functional abilities that align with their gender identity. In the case of non-binary folks, their transition can be medical with hormonal therapy and/or surgery. Choosing to only pursue non-medical changes is just as valid, and some folks can choose to use both medical and non-medical options.

Since gender is a spectrum, tailoring gender-affirming surgery to each person is important. Their identity determines if they are looking for more gender-neutral, traditionally masculine, traditionally feminine changes, or a combination of those. Their choice may depend on what part of their body they are having surgery for.

Top surgeries, the modification of the chest, are common procedures for non-binary individuals and can range from mastectomy to breast augmentation. When a plastic surgeon gets a detailed understanding of what the non-binary person wants, they can discuss various options to tailor treatment and surgery to their goals and achieve satisfying results.

Facial contouring surgeries are also popular among non-binary folks to support their transition. Plastic surgeries that can redefine facial features include rhinoplasty and a variety of lifts like brow, chin, eyelid, or full face. Non-binary individuals may also choose non-surgical options like dermal fillers to achieve the results they are looking for.

Gender Confirmation and Mental Health

Plastic surgeons discuss their patients’ goals during consultation and understanding what appearance non-binary folks are looking for is especially important. Non-binary and genderqueer individuals’ journeys don’t have to conform with traditional concepts of binary, male and female, gender expression. A customized surgery plan may include variations on common procedures to meet their needs.

No matter how non-binary people picture living outside of the binary, this type of surgery can improve their quality of life by reducing gender dysphoria symptoms. Achieving the appearance that they feel comfortable with can help them find greater ease with their gender expression including through clothing choice. Gender affirmation surgery can have long-term mental health benefits for non-binary folks.

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