3 Benefits of Gender Confirmation Surgery

Gender confirmation surgery is one of the options transgender and gender non-conforming individuals have to enhance their body, so it aligns with their gender. Various types of surgeries exist depending on what genitals and other sex characteristics someone was born with. Gender affirming surgeries usually refer to top or bottom procedures, but other procedures like plastic surgery to alter facial features can also help someone during their transition.

Not everyone who doesn’t identify with the gender they were assigned at birth wants to pursue confirmation surgery. No matter how they live their truth is equally valid, whether they choose hormone therapy, non-surgical cosmetic treatments, different clothing, confirmation surgery, or any combination of those options. For those who want gender-affirming surgeries, these procedures offer several benefits that can make life healthier and happier.

#1 Minimize Gender Dysphoria

Gender dysphoria is a form of distress caused by your body being in misalignment with your gender identity. This may involve wanting to change sex characteristics. Not all transgender or gender non-conforming individuals struggle with this, but it is a common occurrence.

Experiencing gender dysphoria can lead to mental health issues like anxiety or depression. It may also impact someone’s social life, and school or work performance.

While not all individuals choose confirmation surgery when they embrace their gender, it can have a positive result on their mood and gender expression. Feeling that their body matches their inner sense of gender can inspire them to live more fully as who they are.

#2 Improve Your Mental Well-Being

Gender confirmation surgeries can lead to long-term benefits for your mental health. While this type of procedure is usually only one part of your gender-affirming treatment, it can provide you with relief as it helps you live in your gender more effectively.

Living in a body that feels more you can be an effective source of motivation to dutifully follow your doctor’s recovery instructions and take better care of yourself. This can involve feeling more confident in your personal and professional life and being more comfortable in social interactions. It may also impact how you present yourself, even if you had already started transitioning from the gender you were assigned at birth before the surgery.

#3 Lower the Risk of Suicidal Ideation

Thanks to improved self-image and feeling greater congruence between their body and their gender identity, individuals who have undergone confirmation surgery can significantly lower their risk of suicidal ideation. Given how LGBT+ people usually experience more mental health issues, this is an important benefit of undergoing this type of procedure if this is what you think is the appropriate choice for you.

Not all transgender or gender non-conforming people seek gender-affirming surgeries, but if this is your choice, do your research to get the medical care you deserve to improve your life. Find an experienced surgeon and associate care providers that can help you on your gender journey, so your body feels in alignment with your identity.

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