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  • What Is Dermabrasion?
    What Is Dermabrasion?

    If you are looking for a way to smooth your skin or rejuvenate your face without invasive surgery, then a dermabrasion treatment might be exactly what you need. Dermabrasion treatment makes use of an ...

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  • Are You Seeking a Holiday Procedure?
    Are You Seeking a Holiday Procedure?

    The holiday season is here, and this is a time when many individuals choose to get plastic surgery procedures done so that they can look better and have time off from work to recover from their ...

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  • All About Eyelid Surgery
    All About Eyelid Surgery

    As individuals age, they may start to notice that their upper eyelids are sagging. If you have excess skin that obscures the natural fold of the upper eyelids, or if you have loose skin hanging down ...

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  • Preparing for Plastic Surgery Procedures
    Preparing for Plastic Surgery Procedures

    The first step when considering plastic surgery or any cosmetic procedure is to schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon, where you can discuss your desires regarding your appearance and what to ...

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  • All About Tissue Expansion
    All About Tissue Expansion

    What is tissue expansion? It is a procedure that allows your body to essentially grow extra skin for use in reconstructing almost any part of the body. In order to expand tissue, a qualified and ...

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  • Is Scar Revision Right for You?
    Is Scar Revision Right for You?

    Are you self-conscious about scars that you have on your body? Scars are evidence that your body has healed from a wound, but there are times that they can appear unsightly, or may draw unwanted ...

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