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BMI and Cosmetic Surgery

You’ve probably read about Body Mass Index (BMI) on the internet or in magazines, but you may not be sure of what it is. BMI is a “calculation” and it’s used by doctors, cosmetic surgeons, personal trainers, and other healthcare professionals to get a whole picture of a man or woman’s body fat composition based on their weight and height.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, BMI often plays a role in deciding which procedure will produce the best results. For example, if a patient is deciding between CoolSculptingÒ and liposuction and the patient’s BMI may help determine if liposuction, Coolsculpting would be the best procedure or if a weight loss program may need to be considered. If the patient’s BMI was in the “healthy” range, then CoolSculpting may be an excellent, non-surgical alternative.

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Calculating Your BMI

BMI calculations can be very helpful for cosmetic surgeons when determining if a specific procedure is appropriate for a patient. Beyond that, BMI calculations are excellent tools for the patients themselves as they can help them gauge if they need to work on their health before certain procedures.

  • Underweight: If you’re underweight and you want a specific procedure, it’s important to talk to a board-certified cosmetic surgeon to see if there’s anything you need to do to prepare for the surgery weight-wise. For example, if you want a fat-grafting or fat-transfer procedure, you may need to put on weight before it can be performed.
  • Healthy: If you’re in the “healthy” range, it could mean that you’re a good candidate for a number of procedures.
  • Overweight: If you’re in the “overweight” range, you’ll want to discuss your goals with a board-certified surgeon to determine if you’re a candidate for the procedure(s) you wish to have.
  • Obese: If your BMI is in the “obese” range, it may be necessary for you to bring your weight into a healthier category before undergoing surgery.

To calculate your BMI, click here to enter your height and weight into a BMI calculator.

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