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  • After Liposuction, Can Fat Grow Back?
    After Liposuction, Can Fat Grow Back?

    Body fat can be stubborn, and extremely hard to get rid of. Even very fit individuals can have stubborn body fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. Fortunately, when fat puts up a fight and ...

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  • What is MiniFX?
    What is MiniFX?

    In the United States, a large percentage of our population is dealing with excess body fat in some form or another. It’s common for men and women alike to have stubborn body fat deposit itself on the ...

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  • Sculpting the Legs with Plastic Surgery
    Sculpting the Legs with Plastic Surgery

    For a lot of women in their late twenties and beyond, keeping their legs firm, sculpted and beautiful is a constant challenge. Often, women are battling genetics, which is one of the reasons why their ...

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  • 5 Facts About Liposculpture
    5 Facts About Liposculpture

    If you’re researching liposuction, you may have come across the term “liposculpture,” and now you’re wondering how liposuction and liposculpture differ. In order to shed light on the topic, we’re ...

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  • Considering Thigh Liposuction?
    Considering Thigh Liposuction?

    Just as a good diet is necessary for optimum health and the ideal BMI, so is a regular exercise routine. But not everyone sees the results that they want from all of their workouts. Sometimes you can ...

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  • Liposuction vs. CoolSculpting™
    Liposuction vs. CoolSculpting™

    Some people use Spanx, baggy sweaters, and long shirts to cover up their bulges or "muffin tops," but what do you do when your clothing just won't do the trick anymore? You try diet and exercise, and ...

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