• Plastic Surgery

    • Other questions?
      Please e-mail your questions or call the office (805) 978-8545 to schedule an appointment.
    • How much bruising and swelling may occur?
      The amount of bruising and swelling depends on the patient and the procedure. Usually, wearing a compressive garment, elevating the operated body part, and following the postoperative instructions will diminish the amount of bruising and swelling.
    • How long before I can wear makeup?
      Dr. Gorodisky can advise you on types of makeup you may use right after surgery. After most procedures you can start wearing your usual makeup after 7 to 14 days.
    • How long do the results last?
      The clock will be reset back permanently from a few to 15 years. However, the aging process is not stopped by the surgery. The body will continue to age and more surgery may be necessary to maintain the desired look.
    • Will there be a significant change in the way I look after surgery and will people notice?
      The treatment goals are individually tailored to your specific concerns. Dr. Gorodisky is keen to adjust his techniques based on your specific expectations. Some patients would like a subtle improvement in their appearance, while others want to have a drastic change in the way they look. Please do not hesitate to voice your expectations and requests during your consultation, or preoperative visit. This will help in achieving your goals.
    • Can I exercise?
      Depending on the procedure, you may exercise after about 2 to 3 weeks. Please do not start an exercise routine until permitted to do so by the doctor.
    • What is the recovery period?
      Depending on the procedure being performed, the recovery period is 1-2 weeks. The postoperative instructions are available to give you an idea of what to expect after surgery. Dr. Gorodisky and his staff are always available to guide you through your recovery.
    • What is the cost of the procedures?
      The cost of the procedure is solely dependent on the procedure being performed. This is based upon a realistic goal to be achieved, which is determined after a consultation between Dr. Gorodisky and the patient. The patient can phone the office to schedule a convenient time for a consultation.