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VelaShape and Other Cellulite Treatments in Oxnard 

Say Goodbye to Cellulite in Ventura County and Its Surrounding Areas

West Coast Plastic Surgery Center offers VelaShape and other cellulite treatments as part of our non-surgical services. All our cellulite treatments are FDA-approved. Our team values lifelong education and we stay up to date with all new cosmetic technologies that help us provide high-quality services to our clients from Oxnard, Santa Barbara, Ventura County, and their surrounding areas. 

If like many people, especially women, you are frustrated with the cellulite on your thighs, hips, or buttocks, we have a solution for you. We offer a variety of services that can address any cellulite concern you may have. If you are interested in optimizing your appearance in the long-term, ask us about our VIP program next time you visit us.

Are you looking to get rid of your cellulite in Oxnard, Santa Barbara, or their surrounding areas? Contact West Coast Plastic Surgery Center today at (805) 978-8545 to schedule a consultation!

Our Cellulite Treatments 

VelaShape can treat both cellulite and stubborn fat cells in various body parts. This non-surgical procedure combines infrared light and radio-frequency energy to apply controlled heat to connective tissue and fat cells. This method also stimulates your body’s natural production of collagen. This results in smoother and firmer skin in the targeted areas. A typical treatment takes 30 to 45 minutes, and you can expect to need five or six treatments to reach your cosmetic goals. We generally schedule appointments every two weeks. Results usually last six to twelve months with a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Forma is the first auto-adjusting thermal skin treatment that promotes deep and even tissue stimulation. The wand-like device uses radio-frequency technology, and an appointment takes only 30 minutes unless we treat more than one body area at the same time. This skin-tightening method is effective for cellulite removal, and we can schedule treatments only a few days apart since it requires no downtime. Forma is not a one-time treatment, and we determine how often you need maintenance sessions to preserve your results depending on your specific needs.

Endospheres is a multipurpose technology that can not only remove cellulite in various areas of the body, but increase your blood flow, strengthen your muscles, reduce body pains, and optimize your lymphatic drainage. This method is effective to address multiple cosmetic concerns and we can use it on the face and/or the body. You can expect the treatment to last between 45 and 90 minutes and the number of sessions you need depends on your specific situation.

QWO is a prescription medicine that can treat moderate to severe buttock cellulite in adult women. You usually need multiple sessions to achieve your desired results. Each appointment only lasts about 10 minutes, and you can resume your daily activities right away. We normally schedule QWO injections every 21 days. You may experience some bruising at the injection sites, but it should go away within three weeks. After 10 weeks, your buttocks should look smooth and well-defined. 

Cellfina uses a microblade technique called subcision to safely remove cellulite in the thighs and buttocks. The device disrupts and loosens fibrous connective tissues under your skin. You can expect your appointment to last at least one hour. We inject the treated area with a numbing fluid before treating each dimple individually. This is usually a single appointment procedure, and you may experience some swelling for up to three weeks afterward. Results become noticeably visible after a month and can last up to three years. 

Aveli is a minimally invasive treatment that targets specific cellulite dimples for lasting results in just one session. With this advanced technology, we can release individual septa into each dimple we are treating. This helps you have smoother skin in your thighs and/or buttocks. We make sure that the fibrous tissues are gone during the procedure. If we notice skin laxity or stubborn fat deposits, we can recommend body contouring procedures to enhance your silhouette. A treatment appointment generally lasts 90 minutes. You may experience mild to moderate discomfort when sitting for a couple of days, and minimal discomfort for up to two weeks. You should avoid strenuous lower body workouts for one or two weeks after your treatment. 

Why You Need Targeted Treatment for Cellulite

Many people can experience cellulite, but most women do at some point in their lives. This is due to the way fat, muscles, and other tissues interact. No matter how balanced your diet is and how much you work out, this cannot resolve your cellulite issue. Cellulite is not fat and requires professional and targeted treatment for effective and safe removal.

Given how cellulite can impact various body parts, and when you trust us with your treatment, we conduct a careful physical examination and review of your medical history to find a solution that fits your needs. We can focus on a single treatment or combine multiple to customize your treatment plan so you can finally get rid of your cellulite.

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