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The Aspen After Surgery Treatment

Breast Augmentation in Ventura County

Look and Feel Your Best With the Aspen After Surgery Treatment

At West Coast Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Gorodisky makes great effort to ensure his patients get the best results after performing breast augmentation. This includes the latest in surgical techniques, staying updated in the latest advances, and offering his patients post-op care that makes him a leader in technological advances. This includes West Coast Plastic Surgery’s newest technology addition: The Aspen System.

What Does the Aspen System Do?

In a small percentage of patients, a condition called Capsular Contracture may develop. This rare condition is one in which breast implants may begin to harden and rise up. Those who notice either breast hardening, pain, shape changes, or difference in the position of their breasts after surgery should contact Dr. Gorodisky immediately. You may have capsular contracture starting to form and early recognition is imperative.

Implants in the Breast are essentially non-native objects and our bodies create a natural barrier or shell called a capsule to wall it off. This happens to objects like pacemakers as well. Capsules are completely normal and occur in all implants. Capsular Contracture occurs when this shell becomes tighter and contracts. The outcome may be a high, misshapen, mal-positioned implant. If one notices these changes and their symptoms they can now be treated non-surgically with a safe and painless solution called The Aspen System.

Are you considering breast surgery? Contact board-certified Oxnard plastic surgeon Dr. Gorodisky to learn more about your breast surgery options with the Aspen System today!

Benefits of the Aspen After Surgery Treatment

  • Lessens breast capsule pain
  • Can also help prevent capsular contracture after surgery to the breast
  • Helps improve breast shapeliness and softness and lower into proper position

The Details

What: The Aspen System Treatment for Capsular Contracture is an affordable, safe, non-surgical therapeutic option. Dr. Gorodisky recommends receiving post-operative Aspen therapy as a treatment option for capsular contracture or breast implant hardening.

When: The success of this therapy is based on how early the treatment intervention begins. Dr. Gorodisky recommends starting as early as possible once the condition has been identified. Capsular contracture starts as a thin scar shell that begins forming a thicker shell around the implant over time. Treatment initiated early allows for a “mold ability” of the hardening breast implant shell before it can fully harden. Once the scar shell hardens, treatment effectiveness is lessened.

Prevent a Capsule After Surgery

You can also prevent a capsular contracture by signing up for the 2- week post-op Aspen Prevention treatment program. This starts 2 weeks post-op and is geared towards preventing the triggers that cause contracture. This is very important for those who have a history of capsular contracture after breast augmentation.

How: Treatment is a 3-part approach. The first part is the application of a very specific sound wave process that introduces painless ultrasound waves to the surface of the hardening implant. Once softened, the therapist’s mobilization or stretching of the capsule begins via particular massage like motions. The final step is educating the patient on proper stretches and application of compression bandages to properly position and soften the implant.

  • Success Rate: Greater than 90% with early treatment intervention.
  • State of the Art: A very specialized pain-free ultrasound wave technology is used to prevent more surgery.
  • Cost effective: A full course of treatment is only a fraction of the cost of surgical revision.

Professional: All treating staff members are highly trained licensed clinicians. They evaluate each client individually for their needs and will determine the proper plan of care.

Are you considering breast surgery? Contact board-certified Oxnard plastic surgeon Dr. Gorodisky to learn more about your breast surgery options with the Aspen System today!

“West Coast Plastic Surgery Center is the most friendly, understanding, professional medical office I have ever visited. The staff is amazing, especially Dr. Gorodisky. I am very happy with my procedure. This has been an amazing, life-changing experience.”

- E.R.
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