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Ear surgery is commonly performed to correct protruding ears, to reduce the size of the earlobes due to stretching or naturally, or to fix a torn earlobe. It is a common type of plastic surgery and has a high rate of successful outcomes. Ear pinning surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery done to reshape the ear. It is commonly performed in teenagers who feel uncomfortable with their appearance, or older patients who don't want their ears to stick out when they wear their hair up. Some patients chose to stretch their earlobes with gauges and need them to look more normal for for social or employment reasons. Torn earlobes can happen due to heavy earrings and need to be repaired so that new piercings may be worn.

Ear surgery is usually an outpatient procedure done under either a local or general anesthetic and typically lasts from one to two hours. Ear lobe repairs are usually performed under local anesthesia and take about 30 minutes.

Consult a Board-Certified Oxnard Plastic Surgeon

If you are considering any type of ear reshaping, please contact West Coast Plastic Surgery Center to set up a consultation with Oxnard plastic surgeon Dr. Gorodisky. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Gorodisky can answer your questions, address your concerns, and help you determine what is optimum for you in regards to treatment. Dr. Gorodisky is experienced in rhinoplasty surgery and can put your mind at ease regarding what to expect from your surgery.

The Importance of Ear Surgery

Ear surgery can make a profound difference in an individual's life. Not only can this surgery balance the facial features making for a better appearance but it can make a positive change in a person's self-esteem. Because considering ear surgery is an important decision in anyone's life, it is always best to fully understand the procedure and seek the services of a plastic surgeon that is responsive to your needs, experienced, and highly skilled in his field. You will find such a surgeon in Dr. Yuly Gorodisky at the West Coast Plastic Surgery Center.

Are you considering ear surgery? Contact board-certified Oxnard plastic surgeon Dr. Gorodisky today!

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