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Charlie Sheen at West Coast Plastic Surgery Center
Charlie Sheen SurgYlift

In an exciting turn of events, renowned American actor and producer, Charlie Sheen, chose the innovation of SurgYlift for his facial and neck rejuvenation journey. Known for his roles in "Two and a Half Men" and "Wall Street," Charlie openly shared his experience with this exclusive procedure offered by Dr. Yan Trokel and Dr. Yuly Gorodisky at the West Coast Plastic Surgery Center.

Charlie Sheen's Decision:

After exploring various options over the years, Charlie found in SurgYlift the solution he was looking for. The procedure challenges the conventional narrative that "scars tell a story," providing a minimally invasive and incision-free approach to facial and neck rejuvenation. This insight arose when Charlie saw himself on TV during the premiere of his new show "Bookie" and felt the need for a solution to what he affectionately called his "turkey neck."

Transformation Journey - Step by Step:

Step One - The Y LIFT:

Dive into the artistry of the Y LIFT®, also known as the Closed Facelift®, featuring the groundbreaking FlexYguide by Dr. Yan Trokel. This universal measurement tool guarantees meticulous accuracy, sculpting a rejuvenated jawline and uplifting the upper neck.

Step Two - G-Stitch Neck Suspension:

The second step introduces the G-Stitch Neck Suspension, an innovative technique led by Dr. Yuly Gorodisky. This process includes liposuction to sculpt by removing excess fat, the G-Stitch to separate muscle bands, and Renuvion to introduce plasma energy for skin tightening. A dynamic trio resulting in a beautifully contoured neck.

Deeper Reasons:

This discomfort with his own reflection on-screen led Sheen to seek a solution that not only met his aesthetic expectations but also respected his personal preferences. Charlie Sheen's decision to choose SurgYlift was motivated by the pursuit of a less invasive approach and aversion to visible scars, common in traditional neck lift procedures.

Creators of SurgYlift:

At the center of this aesthetic revolution are two renowned experts: Dr. Yan Trokel and Dr. Yuly Gorodisky. Dr. Yan Trokel, Board Certified Maxillofacial Surgeon known for his precision and advanced technique, leads the first step of SurgYlift - the Y Lift. Meanwhile, Dr. Yuly Gorodisky, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, owner of the West Coast Plastic Surgery Center, guides the second step, the G-Stitch Neck Suspension.

Doctors' Perspective:

Dr. Yuly Gorodisky explained that Charlie Sheen chose SurgYlift for its less invasive approach and absence of visible scars. He emphasized that many men, like Sheen, wish to avoid incisions and cuts around the ears, common in neck lift surgeries. Dr. Yan Trokel highlighted the importance of preserving Charlie's character, stating, “We wanted to keep his character exactly the same.” The before-and-after result is stunning yet natural, showcasing the transformative impact of SurgYlift.

Revealing the New Confidence:

Charlie Sheen's journey with SurgYlift reached its peak, revealing extraordinary results that surpass initial expectations. In his statement, Sheen shared that the procedure restored confidence he hadn't felt in a long time.

You can watch videos documenting this journey through the links below:

Charlie Sheen - Full Journey

Charlie Sheen's decision to choose SurgYlift goes beyond the pursuit of aesthetic youthfulness; it is a journey of self-acceptance and renewal.

If you are considering a similar transformation, contact us at (805) 983-1999 and discover how SurgYlift can redefine your confidence and self-image.