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Wrinkle Treatments


Smooth out your Skin Wrinkles at West Coast Plastic Surgery Center

Explore our comprehensive range of wrinkle treatments, including:

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections (Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau, Xeomin, Daxxify): These non-surgical injections are among the most popular worldwide for their ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles caused by overactive facial muscles. As we age and our skin gets thinner, a repetitive muscle movement of facial expressions can etch in the lines permanently, even when these expressions are not performed. These safe injections relax these muscles and allow the creases and lines to smooth out over time and provide a fresher, more youthful appearance. Typically requiring 3-4 treatments per year to maintain results, they are an excellent starting point for those new to medical cosmetic treatments.

Fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, Versa, RHA, and others): FDA-approved hyaluronic fillers may be expertly administered to fill wrinkles, replenish lost volume, and smooth unwanted lines. Hyaluronic gel is a natural component of the skin. Our body produces the gel and adding the gel to the skin can improve its firmness, add volume, and hydration. The gel that is produced for use in fillers is especially cross-linked, which makes it more stable and longer-lasting than naturally produced hyaluronate in the skin. With skilled filler techniques, remarkable “airbrushing” effects are achieved without the need for surgery or downtime. Typically, filler treatments are performed a few times a year and can help smooth out wrinkles and hydrate the skin. The most common use for fillers in younger patients is for lip enhancements. A facial assessment during your consultation is helpful to create a plan for the overall facial optimization or targeted treatment for individual areas of improvement.

Laser Treatments (Fractional CO2, HALO, Profractional Erbium Laser, NeoGen plasma): Our state-of-the-art cosmetic technologies offer a wide range of options for skin remodeling and correction. These treatments effectively polish and tighten skin, improve scars and texture issues, brighten dull skin, control acne, fade discoloration, and more. For treatment of wrinkles, scars, and laxity, Fractional CO2 treatment is a classic go-to treatment. For less downtime, a more sophisticated approach that blends ablative and non-ablative treatments, HALO laser is our preferred treatment. It is used for overall skin rejuvenation, improved texture, and pores. Profractional and full field Erbium are great ablative treatments that are more aggressive with powerful rejuvenation potential.

NeoGen plasma treatment is a true plasma rejuvenation that uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate skin tightening and regeneration with a very comfortable treatment with minimal downtime. Unlike lasers, this treatment is possible for all skin types and at all times of the year.

Ellacor: The ellacor™ treatment utilizes an innovative technology designed for wrinkle treatment without surgery or heat. Utilizing Micro-Coring™ Technology with FDA clearance, the system employs hollow needles to remove micro-cores of excess skin in the mid and lower face. The treatment involves a series of three sessions spaced approximately 4 weeks apart. Local anesthesia is administered for comfort, and minimal recovery time is reported, with 70 percent of patients comfortable in public or returning to work within three days. Ellacor™ aims to enhance the appearance of wrinkles without scarring and boasts faster healing compared to heat-based procedures. Clinical results reveal an 86% overall patient satisfaction, 90% improvement in wrinkles. The procedure, completed in less than 30 minutes, poses no risk of unintended thermal injury, promoting improved skin architecture and natural-looking results.

Morpheus8: Is a facial rejuvenation treatment that utilizes radiofrequency technology for non-surgical skin tightening and remodeling. The procedure involves the application of microneedles, which deliver radiofrequency energy between 1 and 4 mm deep into the skin layers, stimulating collagen and elastin production. Morpheus8 is designed to address various skin concerns, including wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. This minimally invasive treatment promotes skin tightening and improved texture, offering patients a more youthful and refreshed appearance. Morpheus8 is known for its precision and versatility, allowing for customizable treatment plans to target specific areas of concern on the face and neck. The procedure is often well-tolerated, and downtime is typically minimal, making it a popular option for those seeking effective facial rejuvenation without the need for surgery.

Microneedling: Also known as collagen induction therapy, this quick procedure results in smoother, firmer, and more youthful skin. A vibrating pen uses fine needles to create small punctures into the superficial skin layers, setting off the body’s natural healing mechanism to recruit fibroblasts and stimulate new collagen synthesis. The skin becomes firmer and more elastic with an improvement in skin texture. The microneedling opens up microscopic channels into the skin, and this treatment is commonly combined with PRP, stem cell, growth factor, or hyaluronic application directly into the skin.

Chemical Peels: A versatile facial treatment to reduce wrinkles, minimize pore size, and improve acne. The intensity of chemical peels varies based on your skin concerns, with some providing a deeper and more dramatic effect (with more downtime) while others have minimal downtime and may be performed more often. Our preferred peels include VIPeel, Revepeel, ZO 3-step peel, and Stimulator peel. Deeper peels, administered by a physician, can also yield more dramatic results.

How Long Do Wrinkle Treatments Last?

Wrinkle treatments typically require regular maintenance. Facials are recommended monthly, wrinkle relaxers provide results that last 3-4 months, while fillers are usually done twice a year. Laser treatments frequency depends on the aggressiveness of the treatment and may be done monthly or 1-2 times a year depending on factors such as the amount of skin aging, sun damage, skin thinning, and lifestyle choices. To develop a healthy routine and maintain your best skin for years to come, we offer several VIP club memberships for those who are serious about maintaining their youthful skin. These memberships provide significant savings and various perks and benefits for patients. Call our office 805-983-1999 to consult with one of our experts at the MedSpa at West Coast Plastic Surgery Center.

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