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Skin Treatments


Revitalize Your Skin with Oxnard Skin Treatments - Discover the Transformation at West Coast Plastic Surgery Center

Our skin treatments are designed to combat wrinkles and fine lines while also targeting the relaxation of facial muscles, thereby improving the appearance of dynamic rhytids and lines resulting from movement and the natural aging process.


Our skin treatments are capable of addressing a variety of conditions, including:

Discoloration - This encompasses symptoms of melasma, sun damage, brown spots, redness, and spider veins. Treatments for discoloration may include services such as:

Chemical Peels

Lasers (Fractional CO2, HALO, Clear+Brilliant, Micro Laser Peel, Nd: Yag laser)

Photofacial (IPL, BBL)

NeoGen and Renuvion plasma treatment

Professional grade skincare (ZO skin health)

Thinning Skin/Dull/Crépey Skin: As skin begins to sag and thin due to aging and unhealthy habits, dull appearances may result, leading to various issues. At The Med Spa at WCPSC, we utilize the following treatments:


Biostimulation (Sculptra, Hyperdilute Radiesse)

Fractional CO2 laser

Chemical peels

Hydrafacials with boosters

Laser treatments (Clear+Brilliant, HALO, Microlaser peel, NeoGen plasma)


WiQo (TRX-P33)


Acne & Scars/Textural Problems: Addressing acne-related issues can vary depending on individual factors, including pre-existing medical conditions and habits. Our clinic provides services to combat acne issues, including:

Chemical peels

Forever Clear BBL

B-Cidal treatment

Acne facials/Hydrafacials



Lasers (HALO, ProFractional, Fractional CO2)

Biostimulation (Sculptra, Hyperdilute Radiesse)

Call West Coast Plastic Surgery Center today at (805) 983-1999 to schedule an appointment to discuss your treatment options in Oxnard!

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