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Experience Ultrashape Power: A Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Solution


What is Ultrashape?

Ultrashape harnesses the power of ultrasound to effectively and painlessly target stubborn fat deposits through a series of three comfortable and painless treatments. Ultrasound energy is delivered through the skin, focusing 1.5 cm below the skin's surface to break down fat cells. These fat cells rupture due to the ultrasound energy, and the body naturally eliminates the released fat. Notably, there is no pain involved in the process since the energy diffuses at the skin level, while it remains focused beneath the skin where it effectively accomplishes its work.


How is the Treatment Performed?

The treatment commences with professionals mapping out the treated area, capturing photos, and taking measurements. The patient then reclines on a comfortable treatment table, with the targeted fat area covered in a water-based ultrasound gel. A specialized ultrasound transducer is applied to the skin, systematically covering the area using a computer-generated treatment grid. This process involves the delivery of painless pulses of gentle ultrasound, with no discomfort experienced by the patient.

Upon the completion of the requisite ultrasound pulses, the treatment session concludes, and the patient can immediately return to their regular activities without any restrictions. There is no requirement for specialized garments, no discomfort, and no visible signs of treatment. The patient typically schedules two additional treatments at two-week intervals, followed by an evaluation and photographs taken about four weeks after the last treatment.

Following this treatment protocol, most patients achieve approximately a 32% reduction in fat deposits within the treated area. For those seeking further fat reduction, the treatment can be repeated. Ultrashape Power lives up to its promise of being easy and entirely painless.

Call West Coast Plastic Surgery Center today at (805) 983-1999 to schedule an appointment to discuss your treatment options in Oxnard!

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